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For the second time in 2014, Lorna Jane have partnered with Booty Camp Australia, launching an exclusive 4 week challenge to help you live active! Get ready to run, skip and jump your way to optimum health and fitness with our exclusive 4-week workout series, hosted by a team of fully qualified instructors.
A lot of people have an impression that ‘Boot Camp’ is a form of extreme fitness and torture and may choose not to do it. Indigo“Indigo’s experience as a corporate group in the Boot Camps Australia program gave us the chance to combine physical exercise with the social interaction amongst our peers, outside of the office.
Wolter ConsultingWolter Consulting Group joined Boot Camps Australia in March 2008, and our staff has really enjoyed the experience.
Clarke kann lawyers took the opportunity to assist our staff in joining Boot Camps Australia in an 8 week intensive Boot Camp. Mountain Designs“The Boot Camps Australia program has given me great results while keeping it fun.
Millie posted a variety of healthy dishes from her stay in Ibiza, packed with goodness following her workouts‘I thought I would create a fitness camp that offered lots of fitness but which was also luxurious. The program is operated by a dedicated team of professional personal trainers who focus on providing both fun and fitness. Most of our team including myself have continued on with Boot Camps Australia and have made health and fitness a big part of life.

The Co-founders immediately realized they were onto something massive, so they registered the company Boot Camps Australia Pty Ltd on the 27th of February 2004.
What we want to achieve by the end of the week is being able to put people on a path to ultimate health - not just physical, but emotional and mental health too, which is why we offer complimentary treatments, meditation and cooking workshops. ‘We want them to carry on what they have learned out here at home, and maintain with their fitness regime and healthy eating.
I guess for a lot of people, the term ‘Boot Camp’ can be a bit scary as it con-jours up images of yelling and army style drills, however, this couldn't be further from the truth with Boot Camps Australia. I have found Boot Camps Australia to be the perfect fitness program that I have encountered to date. Initially I hesitated because I thought ‘Boot Camp’ would be like this torturous event, but I knew the gym was not working for me so I thought I'd give it a go. I would gladly join up to another early morning round of the ‘Boot Camps Australia’ experience.”- Mark Gaskin-Harris           I would like to say thanks to Boot Camps Australia for putting our Indigo team through their paces.
Boot Camps Australia was extremely professional, well organised and catered for all levels of fitness and age of our staff who participated. I would definitely recommend Boot Camps Australia to anyone no matter what their fitness level. We really enjoy the variety of classes and flexibility in approach to suit all fitness levels. I am trying to create a holiday where lots of fitness is available.' 'I get enquiries from people saying they worry that they can’t go a week without a glass of wine, or can’t go a week without eating chocolate.

Our whole office has been inspired to eat and live better which really adds to the team dynamic.
The Boot Camp Australia trainers do push you to the extreme but that is only because they have faith that you can reach that level.
They are around like-minded people in a comfortable environment where everyone encourages one another.' In March this year, research revealed British holidaymakers were increasingly choosing fitness holidays over traditional tourism and sightseeing breaks.
Boot Camps Australia are great in that they vary the activities each week so your body has to adapt to new exercises and you get fitter and fitter each week. Many of our staff has found that regular exercise and fitness training through Boot Camps Australia contributes to reduced stress levels and increased efficiency at work. I joined up for the 4 week program Camp and loved it so much, I have re-joined for the next year!
I’ve gone from being someone who put off exercising because I thought I didn’t have enough time, to making it a priority in my life because I enjoy working out at Boot Camps Australia.
As well as          seeing an amazing improvement in my fitness over the past 2 months, I’ve got more energy and have lost weight too!

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