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First, it is important to know that fruits and vegetables start losing their nutrients as soon as they are removed from the vine. Second, there have been studies that show that because pesticides reduce the need for produce to create their own natural defense mechanisms, they also reduce their nutrient density.
It may be obvious, but we should always make sure that our meats are free of antibiotics and added hormones.
I want to close with mentioning a few resources on food quality and its connection with our health. Choosing and eating the right food is one of the effective ways to loose #weight naturally and still maintain a healthy life.
By choosing to eat only fruits and vegetables, you can lose weight quickly, assuming your exercise.
We eat the highest quality food and feed it to our families because we care about our bodies.

With fruits and vegetables, the vitamins and minerals that we seek can be drastically diminished by several factors.
First, organic vegetables are free of the toxic chemicals and pesticides that have been connected with our nation's overall decline in health. Organic produce has to fight harder to survive and, therefore, build a stronger structure of vitamins and minerals. Familiarize yourself with the "dirty dozen" and "clean fifteen." **See list below** The dirty dozen are the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of toxic chemicals on their skin.
It is a book that outlines the health problems associated with poor-quality food and what we can do about it.
Don’t starve anymore because when you starve, you can loose weight but the weight comes back in the long run when you starts eating. It contains food you can eat as your breakfast, lunch or dinner you don’t have to starve yourself to loose weight but eat right.
Toxins that contribute to cancer, developmental problems in children, reproductive system problems and neurological damage. These poisons are creating confusion in our immune systems that may translate to our bodies turning on themselves, causing auto-immune diseases, thyroid problems, infertility, cancer, allergies and neurological damage.

We have researched into the top 25 healthy food you can eat which will help you in loosing weight and staying in good shape. Please understand that the word, "natural" on packaging is really just a marketing word and means next to nothing when determining the overall quality of meat.
The words you should be looking for are "hormone and antibiotic free," "organic," "local," "pastured," "wild-caught," and "grass-fed." You want to buy animal proteins that were raised the way their species were naturally designed to thrive.
Meaning cows were designed to eat grass (not grains), chickens were designed to eat grub (they are not vegetarians), and pigs were designed to forage. If you are not buying organic, your safest bets are fruits and vegetables with a naturally protective rind or peel. That means that whenever possible, we eat local, organic produce and responsibly sourced proteins.
Animals were designed to roam free and forage, not to be jam-packed in feed lots where they wallow in their own waste and the waste of other animals.

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