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If you can't afford to toss or give a food away, vow that when it's gone, you'll buy a better replacement next time you grocery shop.
My page on food portion size can help you learn to identify a healthy portion size when you see it. Try to eat when you're a 3 (slightly hungry) and stop when you're a 7 (satisfied but not stuffed). Here's a healthy eating tip we should all heed - if at all possible, don't eat while driving or walking or watching television.
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One of the most powerful ways to create positive experiences around food is actually quite easy: Simply enjoy those foods in front of your child. Go through your cupboards, freezer and fridge and pull out all those foods with nasty ingredients.
Being together in the garden provides many opportunities to talk to kids about where our food comes from and how nutritious foods help our bodies. A serving of tofu can bring is as much as 15 grams of protein with none of the saturated fats or cholesterol of similar options.  Priced around 2 bucks a pound, tofu is a great choice for those trying to eat healthy and cheap while also wanting to pack on some lean muscle mass. Other ways to help ensure that kids are making their own choices is to get them involved in food.

There's research coming out about various ways that kids can take a more active role, whether it's helping to prepare meals, grow foods or pick vegetables.

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