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Ok, so people have been making wild claims about how many calories per hour you can burn with kettlebell  training.
But recently ACE (The American Council on Exercise) was so concerned about these claims, they decided to do a study on the calorie burn of kettlebell training.
And their studies are so well documented, that the FTC uses their studies to know who to prosecute for fraud. Researchers credit the brisk calorie burning to the fact that the kettlebell snatch workout is a total-body movement that is also done very quickly due to the interval-training format.
So you take the my absolute favorite fat loss movement (the kettlebell swing) and you increase the range of motion and make it even more work, and what you get is literally the proven most intense calorie burning workout there is.
This is a private group for people to connect and discuss habit-based fat loss, and kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight fat loss workouts. In a study done by the American Council of Exercise, it stated that kettlebell swings burned up to 20.2 calories per minute. Kettlebell swings not only burn tons of calories and fat, but they activate nearly every single muscle in your body which by now you know is what you want when putting together your fat burning workouts.
With the many different kettlebell exercises to choose from, this one piece of equipment can produce hundreds of workouts that will allow you to burn fat, build lean muscle, and supercharge your metabolism. This list can go on and on, but I hope you are getting the idea that kettlebell is king when it comes to fat burning! Below I have put together a list of three different kettlebell workouts that are going to help you eliminate fat, build your core, and kick start your metabolism for hours.

Fat Burning Workouts HeadquartersWelcome to Fat Burning Workouts HQ We have everything you need to start burning fat faster than you thought possible. Kettlebell exercise gives you better results in less time as it combines the benefits of cardio, strength and flexibility training. You can lose lot of fat from your body with regular practice of this exercise because it enhances the metabolic rate and build lean muscle mass. The off center design of the Kettlebell provides a wider range of motion and employs more stabilizer muscles which are generally less engaged in other weight training workouts like barbell and dumbbell.
A pair of Kettlebell cost less than a gym membership or personal trainer and you can get fit and healthy in a less expensive way.
The design of Kettlebell requires proper balancing and thus you have to stay focused on it.
The ballistic shock of the Kettlebell teaches you to absorb shock in an efficient manner which is very helpful in sports like wrestling, football and hockey. If you have to do a workout for twenty minutes for twice a week and you can perform various exercises by just modifying your grip then you can never get bored.
Kettlebell exercise is different from other weight training exercises and it welcomes anybody who wants to try something new. After reading that, it is no wonder why kettlebell swings have been all the rage over the last several years. Aside from sprints, the kettlebell swing is the next best workout and piece of equipment you can do to help eliminate unwanted fat and get fit fast.

Also realize too that you can add in bodyweight exercises to go along with your kettlebell exercises. If you want to start seeing better results, start incorporating 2-3 kettlebell workouts a week! This development of muscle mass utilizes the fat deposits as energy source means more calories burning.
You will get positive results in few weeks time and there will be no looking back for you then. The Find Health Tips website is for informational purposes only and is not meant to serve as medical or clinical advice or to replace consultation with your physician or mental health professional or case manager.
In comparison, the same study also stated that a spin class only burns 9.8 calories per minute, less than half of the kettlebell swing.
This workout will help in increasing your stamina and fitness level which improves the quality of life. The movements and exercises are very simple, unique, quick and enjoyable means you are going to stick to it for sure.

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