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Juice cleanse, juice fast, whatever you want to call it–For (almost) four days all I ate was juice. After looking at juicers on Craigslist (they run about $50 used), I ended up asking my mom if she had one, and *ta-da* FREE Juicer to borrow! You can also score a lot of great recipes for a juice cleanse through RawRaw Life’s ebook.
For the first day of my cleanse, I actually purchased the first two Blueprint juices from Whole Foods the day before.
This is what I did right for my first juice day: I started on a day that Eric was working a 24-hour shift so that I would not be tempted by any of his food.
I was over the juice though, and decided to break my fast in the evening, with a plate full of roasted broccolli and cauliflower.
Well, I did gain it all back, because I was soo excited to be done with the juice cleanse that I went crazy and ate EVERYTHING in sight. While juice fasting is hard, I did not really go hungry as long I kept drinking juice and lots of water. Thanks for the tips, I really want to try to juice cleanse then get back to eating healthy. I had to do a clear-liquids diet for a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, and it was hell… don’t think I could ever go liquids-only for a prolonged period of time after that!
While I’ve never done an official juice cleanse per se, I did buy a juicer a year ago in order to get more fruits and veggies into my diet one way or another. So then I just made one juice to drink throughout the day at work, but I got too busy after a few months of that and stopped doing it. So I finally decided to do my first juice cleanse, and I’m happy to say the hubby is joining in on the fun! Drinking fresh-made organic juices can help rebalance your body’s pH levels, and that in turn can help strengthen your immune system which then will be better able to keep you well. Juices also provide enough fluids to ensure the colon becomes thoroughly washed, while simultaneously allowing one to feel satisfied and not hungry.
The third juice I made is a simple Carrot Juice, in which I juiced about 8-10 large carrots. I’m feeling very good so far, surprisingly, the juice I had this morning has filled me up for a good 4 hours.
Breakfast Juice Ingredients: Dandelion Greens, Kale, Pineapple, Celery, Parsley, Coconut Water.
To end the juice fast, it is recommended to do so gently with fruits and vegetables, mono-meals, smoothies and other foods that most resemble what you’ve been juicing in its raw state. I used the Blueprint recipes (also listed at the bottom of this post) and calculated how much I needed for three to four days of juicing.
The farmers’ market is on Saturday morning, so I figured the pre-bought juices would hold me over until I could get home to juice up my own concoctions.

On the first day of my cleanse, I ran 10 miles, went to the Farmers Market, went to Costco, went to Whole Foods, came home and juiced enough for two days’ worth, went to get a massage (which helped a little), got a pedicure, and hung out with family. I had my cashew milk and curled up to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary on juicing and two men’s journeys on losing 100 pounds doing a 60-day juice cleanse. Almost every morning (I would say 5 out of 7), I start my day off with a green juice for breakfast, then I like to have a pineapple juice in the afternoon for a snack.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a day on only juice, so I decided to just use juice as a breakfast and as what I drink with my lunch and for an afternoon snack in addition to a typical snack.
All of the methods I’d done in the past were the very definition of “crash diets” they weren’t even close to sustainable long term.
IF your only drinking fruit juice its going to mess with your blood sugar levels and not work correctly. I wanted to try this juice diet because i read this blog and comments and looks very inspiring.
When we eat solid foods, our bodies work to extract the nutrients from the juices of these foods. Using a masticating juicer (I use the Omega J8005), greens are juiced beautifully and efficiently!
Check out my article about juice recipe here and why it’s good for your lymphatic system. Green juices have been the common choice for me for this fast because of the abundance of nutrition and life they nourish our cells with.
It appears that when you’re juice fasting, your body gets more tired at night before bed. I wanted to do this juice fast with the intention to improve my digestion, mental clarity, and to clean out my organs and glands. I ran 10 miles that morning (per my half-marathon training plan)  and I was definitely light headed on that last mile, having had only the first green juice to sustain me. I hauled a cooler with all my juices in it and just drank a juice about every two hours or whenever I started to get hungry.
On all four days, I left a little bit of the juice because I just couldn’t finish it. At first I got discouraged because I thought it meant taking a lot of acids because of the idea of juice but the recipes are great.
I actually just pulled my juicer back out last weekend to make some fresh apple cider, so I may have to go back to making daily juices. I felt like I was jumping from yo-yo diet to juice cleanse like Tarzan swinging wildly in the jungle. Since this juice cleanse I was down 13lbs (184lbs) but since going on a cruise, thanksgiving and my generous neighbors holiday sweets I’m up 6lbs. Fresh organic juices provide plenty of fresh natural sugars, salts, enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and probiotics, all in their appropriate proportions, for the rebuilding your body will be doing during a fast.

For each 32 oz jar, I juiced handful of parsley, a bunch of cilantro, 5-6 large kale leaves, 1 peeled lemon, 1 quarter sized ginger and 1 small apple. That is the ideal for the first few days (typically as long as your juice fast was), and then slowly progress back to eating your normal diet, which is healthy I hope!
Oz juice at the Whole Foods juicing station for my third juice–it contains the exact same ingredients as the Blueprint juice, except you need to add kale. I’ve used the new Beyond Organic Cleanse with great success and its cheaper than any of the best juice cleanses out there. You simply replace your meals with fresh squeezed juice (5 veggies to every 1 fruit) and cleanse your system.
Because juices require minimal digestion and are readily absorbed into the system, they do not interfere with the need for the digestive system to be almost completely shut down, which leaves the body’s energy available for the deep cleansing and rebuilding activities of a fast. Unless you ate the Standard American Diet before your fast (which is not recommended), I don’t really understand why anyone would want to go back to an unhealthy diet after juicing and detoxing. So, if you’re like me and you hate leaving your house (because you have to get ready and pile in multiple little people) jump on Amazon and get yourself a Breville Juicer delivered to your door in two days! But your results have really got me thinking that I should maybe just go all out and do the juice cleans 100%. And I feel that the juice fast has helped me really open my eyes to this and has inspired growth for me. BUT I will say this – I am impressed with this in that you did it, you are seeing results and you like them!! Therefore, I’ve chosen to first clean out slowly and progressively with a raw vegan diet, high in fruits and vegetables.
Today’s the last day and I want to share a little revelation I had during this juice fast.
Once I feel the worst detox symptoms of that have subdued (which is where I feel I am now), I shall move on to the more extreme methods of cleansing like these short, “reboot” juice fasts. I’ll continue building on this, and eventually I want to do a 30-60 day juice FEAST to really get deep into my glands and cells. The results weren’t just affecting my pant size, my skin was getting more even and for the first time ever, I didn’t breakout during that time of the month. Probs not a big deal for a short juice fast but definitely a consideration if going a longer stretch.

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