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If you cut it up into 6 servings, each one will have 71 cals, 17g protein, 0g carbs, 0.25g fat. I use the Isopure Mango Peach flavor in my HPLC Three-Layer Jello recipe here on High Protein Low Crap, and I use the Isopure Dutch Chocolate in the HPLC Protein Pudding recipe. If you’re hardcore, you can go for the NOW Foods unflavored pea protein – it’s cheaper than these other two, but the texture isn’t as nice, and it’s unflavored, so you’ve either got to like the taste of dried, dessicated pea extract, or dump in something else to flavor your pea protein recipe. While this is heating, mix the 4 packets of gelatin powder, 10 sweetener packets, and the 3 scoops of Isopure in a bowl, along with 1 cup of COLD water. While I like to make recipes with my protein powder (both to avoid protein farts and to keep from getting sick of shakes) it’s still my go-to when I need more protein in my day but I don’t have much time.

It contains zero carbs, since the whey protein used to make it is processed in such a way as to remove impurities. Both of these recipes are super-simple, require no cooking, and are a great compliment to the real food you’re eating. Again, it absorbs more water, so it keeps your protein-based recipes from turning into rubbery crap which happens easily when you cook without handfuls of grains, sugar and butter.
It’s made from egg whites (as opposed to whole eggs) which means it’s almost completely fat-free and carb-free. Without an adequate supply of carbohydrates (or, in the ketogenic diet, fat) your body will break down excess protein through gluconeogenesis, converting it to glucose, and depriving your muscles of the protein you’re faithfully glugging down every two hours.

A good way to mitigate this is to cook recipes (I’ve published a few of my favorites here) to let you get extra protein without sacrificing nutrition.

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