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It generally takes 3 to 4 pounds of fresh fruit to yield 1 pound of dried fruit, according to the book “Wellness Foods A to Z.” This means that dried fruit is, for the most part, a more concentrated source of nutrients and beneficial substances than fresh fruit. Potassium is a major mineral, meaning the body requires relatively large amounts of it to stay healthy.
Dried fruit is also a more concentrated source of sugar and calories than the fresh variety. Although unsweetened dried fruit is not a source of harmful added sugars, its ample amount of natural sugar, combined with its characteristically sticky texture, does present an increased risk of tooth decay.
So winter will be here before we know it and that is the time of the year when mummies tell us to now finally get serious about eating dry fruits when she has been telling us for the entire year but of-course we don't listen. I personally love eating some dry fruits , like literally I get obsessed and then over eat. 1) Slows Down Ageing: Eating a lot if dry fruits slows down the process of ageing and results in healthy and glowing skin. 2) Controls Weight : As dry fruits very high in dietary fiber and high energy density, they are very effective for weight loss.

See guys , Eating dryfruits has so many health benefits and we all want to be healthy and fit , right , so let's get starred and make dryfruits a part of your daily life . Dry fruits are excellent source of minerals and contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients. Fruit should be a part of everyone’s daily diet in order to provide the body with health benefits of vitamins and other nutrients commonly found in all types of fruit. As a naturally sweet source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, there’s no doubt that dried fruit is a healthier dessert option, as long as their portions are limited. Kids who brush and floss after eating dried fruit are less likely to experience the kind of plaque buildup that can damage tooth enamel and cause cavities. She’s been writing health-related articles since 2010, focusing primarily on diet and nutrition.
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Free radicals which are one of the main causes of cancer can be eliminated by eating cashews.

Similarly, dried apricots are substantially higher in fiber, potassium, iron and vitamins A and E than the fresh fruit, just as prunes are a much better source of potassium and fiber than plums. If your child has asthma, you may be best off with dried fruit that hasn't been preserved with sulfites. They are easy to digest and help keeping us healthy.Dry fruits contain considerable amount of iron which directly helps treating anemia. Kids who eat dried fruit for dessert will, at a minimum, boost their intake of potassium and fiber and may get a considerable amount of iron as well. Prunes supply a comparable amount of potassium, while dried apricots are a slightly better source. These inorganic salts are generally used to prevent dried fruit from browning; they keep dried apricots orange and golden raisins golden.

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