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Here at Dogster, we are constantly pondering whether the things we eat and enjoy are fit to share with our dogs and puppy pals. Apple guava, the most common variety of guava sold in markets, isn’t known to have any adverse effects on dogs. Kiwi is another fruit that I completely adore, but even I made the mistake, the first time I had one, of not completely removing the fuzzy, bristly peel.
Kumquats are one of the rare branches of the citrus family whose skin is as edible for humans as its pulp. While the blue and the running pop varieties of passion flower are considered toxic to both humans and pets due to their cyanide content, it’s extremely unlikely that the passion fruits produced by these varieties would find their way into your local market. As long as the rough, spiky outer husk of the pineapple is removed, a chunk of pineapple here and there is great for dogs. Like passion fruit, pomegranate is an exotic fruit whose interior consists largely of seeds. Whatever benefits that your dog may derive from eating a piece of tropical or exotic fruit are likely to be found in her usual standard dog food.

It occurred to us that while we recently offered a rundown of fruits, along with potential benefits and drawbacks to dogs, they were, for the most part, very common fruits. While the ASPCA does not consider Acai berries to present any risk of toxicity for dogs, try not to give your dog an entire bowl of them. The kind of dragon fruit you’re most likely to encounter at a market specializing in exotic or tropical fruits is the white-fleshed pitahaya. A fig tree’s white, milky sap, present especially in the leaves and all parts of the fruit, contains an enzyme called ficin. All the same, even safe fruits eaten in excess can upset a dog’s normal digestion, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping as a result.
The golden and purple varieties of passion fruit are the kinds you are most likely to encounter, and of these, purple is the least likely to cause your dog any immediate stomach upset. Department of Agriculture seeks to raise awareness, especially during the winter months, that fresh fruits are still in season.
For Tropical Fruits Month, we’ve investigated 11 kinds of tropical and exotic fruit that might catch your eye at the market!

As for the fruit’s fleshy interior, stick to a wedge or half a wedge as an occasional treat. The ficin in fresh fig sap can spur allergic skin reactions in humans, but is also known to cause similar rashes, irritation, and itching when consumed by dogs, so unless they’re dried, figs are best avoided.
A bit of strange fruit now and then, particularly if you find them dried or dehydrated, can be a nice treat on occasion. As with any naturally sweet and juicy fruit, too much kiwi can have adverse effects on her digestive tract. Too much of any new food is likely to cause digestive upset, so when you get your fruit of the month delivered, proceed with caution and moderation when sharing the bounty of exotic climes with your dogs!

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