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Since electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2003 they have been touted by many as a 'healthier' options for smokers who are eager to leave the real deal behind. Of course, there might be some Dashboard widgets you actually still use – I know there were for me. One of the default widgets Apple offered for Dashboard was ESPN, which gave you the latest scores for whatever sport you liked.
For some reason there isn’t a default tool for this in Notification Centre, but don’t worry: Yahoo’s got a great offering. Just add your favourite teams and you’ll always know the score – click to see when the next games are. For years, JuneCloud’s Delivery Status for Mac was a great argument for keeping the Dashboard around. If you’ve been using JuneCloud’s (free) widget for years, you know this tool is worth the $5 – reviews on the App Store seem to agree. There’s even support for Bitcoin prices, so even digital speculators cryptocurrency users can find a use for this. A number of existing apps added support for these new widgets – if you have the app, the widgets should show up without the need for you to do anything. Just days after Yosemite was released, Reddit user 5HT-2a created an app for displaying Shell scripts.
I’m sure you guys can suggest a few commands in the comments below, but I thought I’d show you how to get the features above.
I’m sure you guys can offer plenty of other commands for this widget, so let’s talk about that below.

Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. Why drag a nearly useless tight little screen into your workspace with Notifications, when you can move over to a whole page with USEABLE space.
I love the Dashboard, actually – I just think developers mostly stopped making new widgets for it a long time ago, and that there are increasingly few widgets still updated regularly.
I much prefer to have a calendar that displays month view, to have other related things handy (like calc, notes, weather…), that I can move around, like on a desktop. This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. So you spend most of your time keeping the local coffee shops in business, liaising with clients you've never met face-to-face and hunting for spare power outlets.
Here’s where to find Notification Centre widgets for sports scores, currency value, package tracking, and literally anything you can get by typing a Terminal command. Don’t be surprised: we’ve told you about Yahoo’s surprisingly good mobile sports app, which lets you pick your favourite teams and gives you the scores for them. Just know that it can only track three shipments at a time without a $2 annual subscription.
Coinverter, long a favourite currency app for the iPhone, is currently offering a public beta for Mac – and it supports the new Notification Widgets.
Note that the long spaces followed by a semicolon is required for the clean seen above – otherwise you’ll see the entire command.
Or, if you find any other cool Notification Centre widgets, feel free to point those out as well.

I can’t seem to find a straight-up sticky note service that lives in the notification center. I don’t like the fixed location of the notification centre when I can have widgets spread conveniently across the screen for me to use.
Included by default are options for seeing my Calendar, Reminders, the weather, stock prices and even a calculator. Historically, the media industry has relied almost entirely on search for user and traffic acquisition, building entire teams around SEO and SEM on the desktop web. Social, Messaging and Entertainment apps (including YouTube), account for 51% of time spent on mobile.
Entertainment (including YouTube) grew from 8% of time spent last year, or 13 minutes per day, to 20% of time spent, or 44 minutes per day this year.
That is more than the time it would take to watch an additional TV sitcom for every US consumer, every day! While we can’t correlate the 70% directly to time spent, we firmly believe that media consumption, either articles read in the web view in app, or video consumed in the feeds, constitute the majority of time spent in social apps.

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