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Iron and vitamin B-12 facilitate critical biological functions in the body, including metabolism, absorption, immunity and production of enzymes, hormones and hemoglobin. Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a role in the central nervous system and intestinal tract for proper nerve function and the metabolism of fat and protein. Iron supplements may be indicated if a high-iron diet alone isn't enough to improve blood levels and replenish normal storage in the liver.
Hemoglobin combines with iron in the bloodstream to transport oxygen from the lungs to organs and muscles throughout the body. The production of of red blood cells, DNA, hormones, hemoglobin, fat and protein all require vitamin B-12.
Ferrous iron salts are the best absorbed and most commonly prescribed supplements on the market.

All multivitamins contain vitamin B-12 and better absorbed when taken along with other B vitamins. Iron assists with the production of enzymes, hormones and protein and is required for normal growth, digestion and immune function. The most common causes of a vitamin B-12 deficiency are malabsorption syndromes and lack of the stomach protein intrinsic factor, which is required for absorption. Plants foods including green leafy vegetables, legumes and dried fruits are plentiful in iron but in a less efficiently absorbed form than in animal products. Vitamin B-12 may given by injection for individuals with inadequate intrinsic factor to bypass the digestive process.
Supplements be taken under the direction of a physician due to the potential for iron overload.

Iron deficiencies can also occur as a result of poor dietary intake, blood loss and poor intestinal absorption. Supplements might be recommended, but iron supplements should used with caution due to potential toxicity in the liver. Vitamin B-12 is less abundant in plant foods but small amounts are present in legumes, fortified cereals and soy products.

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