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The insurance coverage we offer has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Fitness Professionals. Over the years, Personal Trainer Insurance has developed a reputation of offering specialty insurance coverage at a price you can afford.
Insurance for personal trainers and fitness studios is specifically designed to meet the unique insurance needs of Fitness Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Spinning Instructors, Dance Instructors, Martial Arts Teachers, Pilates Instructors, and many more categories of fitness instruction without any restriction of age or gender of your students. The Fitness and Wellness Insurance program for Fitness Studios covers many types of studios including Aerobics, Exercise, Spinning, Fitness Training, Strength Training, and Pilates Studios with equipment. Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc.
A vehicle accident that results in an environmental hazard is, for most businesses, an occasional occurrence.
Whether you’re an experienced trainer or yoga instructor with a full schedule of clients, or you’re just getting started, here’s what you need to know when it comes to protecting your business, and your financial resources. Having Professional Liability insurance for personal trainers, yoga instructors, coaches or fitness instructors can protect you against these types of claims. According to the National Federation of Personal Trainers, personal trainers apply fundamental exercise science principles to design fitness programs that help meet health and fitness goals in public and private settings.
Personal trainers teach you how to reach your individual fitness goals and they’re responsible for using and promoting safe exercise programs. Whether you own a small gym or health club, you’re employed by a gym or health club, or you’re a self-employed personal trainer, yoga instructor, coach or fitness instructor, you are at risk.

But not to worry… we can help you determine what type of insurance coverage makes the most sense to protect you, and your business. Commercial General Liability insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations. Professional Liability insurance helps protect professional advice, and service, which provides individuals and companies protection from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client, and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit. If you have any personal information about your clients, whether you keep a hard-copy file, or you store the information electronically, you have a breach exposure. Personal information could be a date of birth, health information, social security number, credit card number… any of this information that’s breached, lost, stolen, etc. If you're a small business owner, at a minimum, you should consider a Commercial General Liability insurance policy, Professional Liability policy and a Cyber & Data Breach Liability policy. These three policies are important for protecting you against any financial losses, as well as damages to your business’ reputation. As an athletic trainer, yoga instructor, coach or fitness instructor, you need insurance protection. To get started, contact us or Request a Proposal and we’ll begin designing a comprehensive insurance plan specifically tailored to your individual needs.
You may have designed a weight-lifting program for him that resulted in a slipped disk in his back. These types of claims are potential causes for legal action that would not be covered by a Commercial General Liability insurance policy.

The Professional Liability policy will protect you against any claims for services provided. We also offer programs for owners of exercise & personal training studios, health clubs, and more.
Click here to receive your personal trainer insurance quote today! Over the past few years, clients have been suing their trainers because of negligence.
The insurance company covers the costs involved including compensation for pain, suffering and general damage. However, compensation awarded to the successful litigant has to stem from the business itself since insurance organizations will not cover for punitive damage.Personal Liability Insurance policyFitness professionals and personal trainers can be covered by their employer’s liability insurance plan. However, personal trainers who are functioning as self-sufficient contractors must have personal insurance to protect their clients and themselves from personal damage and property loss. In other cases, an instructor who is sued may be forced to fund for losses from his or her own pocket.Professional Liability InsuranceAny client that relies on the expertise of a personal instructor for the efficiency and safety of the workout routines may sue the trainer for alleged errors, omissions, negligence, breaches in duty and verbal abuse.

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