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Click here to sign up for the MitC newsletter and to get a free copy of 15 Easy "Kid-Approved" Recipes. Many of my smoothie recipes call for yogurt, but I also make plenty that don’t have any either, especially when I want to go on a completely fruit, or fruit and vegetable kick. This stuff is amazing, and I find it really adds a nice tropical flavor to any smoothie while also making it creamier and thicker. If you are following a vegan diet, don't like yogurt, or are lactose intollerant, it helps to follow a strawberry smoothie recipe that doesn't call for yogurt. Here is a quick and easy strawberry smoothie recipe that you can easily customize to suit your tastes.
There are many other ways to change up the flavor and texture of your strawberry smoothies. Add your favorite flavor(s) of fruit juice to the smoothie recipe, adjusting the amount of other liquid ingredients proportionately.
All kinds of nutritional supplements can be added to smoothies, from protein or fiber supplements to wheat germ. Smoothies are a great option for those who want a sweet treat that is packed with nutrients. If you are looking for smoothie recipes that are useful for weight loss, this great recipe book containing 180+ smoothie recipes will be very useful for you. Simply put all of these ingredients into a blend and blend until you get the desired texture.

The combination of berries in this smoothie provides you with a hefty dose of antioxidants to protect your heart, eyes and immune system.
I have been having a bit of an obsession with honey as a sweetener lately, so I added a tablespoon of honey to the strawberry smoothie. There are certainly those of you who also can’t consume dairy at all, or would rather not, and so I wanted to make a simple but delicious strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt that just about anyone could put together and enjoy. I use a couple other alternatives in my recipes when the mood strike me or it seems really appropriate for the particular smoothie recipe.
The solution to creating a creamy, thick, dairy-free smoothie is to substitute silken tofu for yogurt and add a sweetener, like honey, agave nectar, or a flavored soy or nut milk. Test these out using a small amount at first to see if they affect the taste of the finished smoothie. Try using a portable, insulated cup for your smoothies and you can take them with you on the go. However, those who do not like yogurt often avoid smoothies because they generally contain this ingredient. These are perfect for health buffs, weight watchers and parents who would like their kids to eat healthy. This is a simple smoothie that is ideal when you are in a hurry, but want something healthy.
It is also a rich source of a number of vitamins, including giving you all of the vitamin C that you need for the day.

Put all four ingredients into your blender and blend them together until you are able to drink the contents through a straw.
This sweet smoothie helps to ensure that you have all of the critical nutrients that you need, especially a full daily dose of vitamin C.
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If you're planning on making a big batch of smoothies for several people, you can prepare all of the ingredients beforehand, but wait to blend everything together just before serving.
One smoothie each day will boost your nutrient intake and help to promote better health and help you lose weight. They also happen to be packed with potassium and fiber, and also happen to be naturally very sweet, so they make for a solid addition to any smoothie. And using the strawberry flavored coconut yogurt in this recipe, I find really gives it a nice flavor and consistency.

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