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Eating every 3 to 4 hours, starting with breakfast, is the best way to jumpstart your ability to lose weight.
When you starve yourself by skipping meals (whether it’s unintentional or not) your body begins to slow metabolism and store fat. Start off the day with a healthy, easy-to-make meal; something that will keep you full and satisfied for a few hours. If you want to lose weight the right way (meaning you won’t gain it all back, plus some), remember that your body wants to get fed.
So the good news is that if you are breastfeeding, you can still follow our weight loss plans – the key is to increase your calorie allowance on our plans by approximately 500 calories to give your body the extra calories it needs to produce milk.
And as knowledge is power, we have given you some key information to arm yourself with so that you can lose weight with confidence when still feeding your baby. If you are unsure of how many calories you need in breastfeeding and weight loss you can work your daily energy needs out here – then you add 500 calories on for breastfeeding. More than anything it is important to eat a balanced diet when breast feeding and if you are trying to lose your baby weight, do so in a safe way and aim for approximately 500g-1kg per week.

Some babies have allergies, colic or digestive issues and can react to an array of different foods. We are proud to say that our Smoothie is free from any fillers and weight loss accelerators.
You can click here to read some stories of mums who have sent in results of increased milk supply on our smoothies. When you fuel your body consistently throughout the day (we’re talking 4, maybe 5 meals or snacks), it begins to trust you. There might be times when you’re eating your last meal of the day at 6pm, and for some of us it might be around 10pm. Here are the reasons why strength training should be the staple of your weight loss program. But instead no one should ever feel pressured to lose weight and you should only do it when you feel 100% emotionally and physically ready to do so. It’s been ingrained in our minds to believe that eating less equals weight loss, and calories always matter.

It believes you will give it the nourishment it needs to function optimally, so metabolism increases and blood sugar levels stay balanced. Here’s the rundown on what you can do to break through that dreaded weight loss plateau. As counterintuitive as it may seem, eating more often will help boost your metabolism and increase your chances for weight loss and happy results this year. That means you’re this much closer to shedding weight, and in the world of my clients, that means improvements in many of your symptoms (like fatigue, skin issues, digestion, sleep quality, libido and restored health). Calories just get in the way and take your mind off of the real objective: reaching your goal weight.

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