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I’d love to make these for my kids, but my youngest son has a peanut and treenut allergy. These zucchini chips that I made are definitely made of REAL zucchinis and using my mandolin to slice up these discs was really relaxing.
These delicate chips take a bit of time to make – honestly, waiting was probably the worst part of it. I know I saw it, Howe er it’s too bad the someone else posted their own version of their recipe which had a similar name and unfortunately did not name you as the owner you do not own any recipe in the world , and I am sure what you posted is not your own but copied, so get of your high horse and accept the fact that others can cook and make similar named stuff as you do.

At the beginning I tossed lots of food, but I believed that this diet was good for me so I kept going. I really like the idea of buying farm fresh ingredients because I’m all about supporting the farming community and Jason and I love fresh ingredients. I love that everything is from local area farms and they deliver it to your doorstep while you’re at work. Check and see how many versions of butter chicken the are on the net an none other claim they are the writers own recipe.

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