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Even though it’s been a couple years since I graduated college, this time of year always makes me a little nostalgic about going back to school in September. All of us on Team LC recently put our heads together to remember our best tips and tricks that helped us stay healthy in our college years. When it comes to staying healthy, there’s one thing all of Team LC agrees on: Keeping a schedule. One of the best ways I stayed active in college was by walking as much as I possibly could. College is a busy time, so it’s crucial that you get enough sleep, stay active make healthy food choices and de-stress when you’re under pressure. I gained weight in college too, that was years ago, but I actually did lose some weight while i was there my junior year by taking advantage of the gym and making on campus healthier choices. I think having a consistent bed time is really important in college, I found that I was staying up later & hence getting hungry for that 4th meal around midnight which led to late night snacking, be smart and go to sleep!! I found in my first year that I never had a routine, one day I would wake up early and one day I would stay in bed til 1! When I was in college, I ate relatively well but never limited myself to anything I wanted to eat.
Make a list of healthy snacks to live by ( love apple slices and peanut butter, or trail mixes) Make sure they are affordable and easy to pack around all day.
Having a routine and getting up early really helps me stay productive and motivated to be healthier! It’s crazy how the little things that you change in your every day routine can cause the lbs shed off! As for exercising, I prefer joining classes, such as dancing, zumba, pilates, which motivate me the most to burn calories, stay active, and to have fun! It is really difficult to stay away for that tasty buggers and pizza bytes in our college days but I think a daily exercise plan can help us to stay healthy in college days.

Have healthy dorm room munchies on hand: One easy way to avoid the feared freshmen 15 is to have healthy snacks around. But unless you’re on a collegiate sports team, your constant source of activity won’t be a part of your regular schedule anymore. I gained weight the first few years of college and it took quite a long time for me to realise it! Entering my third year in college, I totally understand the pressures and stress that lead to weight gain in college, and the struggle to find time to work out!
I am starting my second year of college and it were things like these that helped me stay healthy during my first year! Being a big foodie (although I am fortunate, because for some reason I love food that is actually healthy and don’t like the taste of food filled with sugar, highly processed etc) I prefer walking all over London rather than taking the bus or going by tube. If I have healthy options with me, I don’t go to the vending machines when I get hungry. But, I will be in one very short year, AND I have a ton of friends who are in the college-sphere, so think I have a pretty good idea what it is like. I know that college is about having fun and making friends, but sacrificing sleep is a big nono.
Between hanging out with friends, having a packed social calendar, and registering for all new classes, a college coed’s semester gets busy fast…and pretty much stays that way until winter break.
College campuses are designed so that students are able to walk from home to their classes and back home again. If you’re the kind of person who likes exercising with a team, it’s easy to find a way to incorporate this into your college lifestyle.
Just try to be smart about the kinds of drinks you’re consuming and how much you’re gulping down.
Another tip I have is to buy your own groceries as often as you can, as cooking is often cheaper and can be healthier than dining halls.

I would walk up to our all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner every night, and would often choose comforting pasta over a healthier salad.
Also, what I found very helpful is keeping healthy snacks (like pecans, granola bars, and dates) at home, so that I could grab some to school, instead of buying chips or chocolate at school. My college friends are always trying to give me tips about when I go to college so that I can be the best little college freshmen I can be.
Keeping HEALTHY comfort food around can help keep you on track to keeping your freshmen 15 at bay. Most people gain weight in college because they reduce their sleep and exercise and raise the amount of food they intake. On top of drinking more and sleeping less, college classes can add a lot of stress, which also leads to weight gain.
The gym can also be a good place to clear your head and have some much needed personal time you might not have as often in college. One BIG tips they gave me was to stay healthy when I go to college, and here are the tips they gave me on how to do so. Find ways to stay inspired or just tough out these emotional patches that you are sure to endure. Many college rec centers offer group fitness classes like spinning and yoga, so do a little research and maybe even try something new. Drinking more often, eating late night junk food and working out less can really wreak havoc on your health (and your figure) during the first year of school.
Eat a healthy breakfast every morning, make a workout schedule that works with your classes, and try to create a study plan so you don’t find yourself pulling all-nighters before each midterm.

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