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Make sure you drink lots of water when exercising or playing for an extended amount of time. Gymnastics, as well as many other sports, help people lose weight if they practice moderately. Don't compare yourself with other kids if you want to lose weight, do it because you want to; not because some kid called you fat or challenged you to lose weight or your parents are pressuring you.
Understand that most diets are not meant for children, and some are even harmful to adults, like the ones that involve not eating at all. If you choose to go to the gym like an adult, avoid excessive difficult exercise or heavy weight lifting because it may hurt you. Meet Daniel, a wikiHow author, editor, and Admin from Belgium who has been involved in the community for over 2 years.
Very few diets are created for children and diet programs for adults are often unhealthy for children since they are target more mature metabolisms. Breakfast helps to regulate your need for food throughout the day and gives you much-needed energy first thing in the morning.

Trying to lose weight does not mean you will never be able to have sweets or desserts again. Still, there are many ways for young children to lose weight, and become healthier and happier. Remember you're probably growing at the same time, so if you only lose five pounds, but grow three inches, you've made a lot of progress! Write down every single thing you eat as this will allow you to know exactly what causing you to gain weight and gives you the opportunity to review where healthy changes may be made.
Talk to your doctor or PE teacher to find out how many calories a day you should be eating.
You can also add lemon to water for flavoring, but try not to drink juices, colas and other sugary drinks, which are high in calories. You will be surprised how many pounds you will lose and how much fitter you become just by moving more! Just make sure it is good for you and you could try some adult things like going to the gym or dance class.

Knowing what your motivation is to lose weight will give you a better chance of achieving your weight loss goals.
If you like to keep clean, try to soak a towel in ice water after a workout to wipe your forehead and neck .
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Set a goal to reach, like a certain number of stars, for example, and if you make it, do something fun like going bowling or to the park!

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