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GETTYWith these simple, small changes you can slim down easierPlate appealSimply changing the colour of your plate could help you to cut the number of calories that you eat by up to 18 per cent, according to a recent study at Cornell University.They gave 60 people a red or white plate and asked them to help themselves to a pasta buffet, serving a red tomato sauce or white alfredo sauce made with butter and Parmesan cheese.
Make your own cereals with oats, coconut, nuts and seeds and stick to slow-energy release fruits like apples, plums and berries.GETTYIf it's summer, opt for outdoor seatingOut of sight, out of mindIf you have crisps or nuts within reach on your desk, coffee table or in a bar or pub, few people can resist snacking.

But changing the type of glass and how you pour your glass could also help you dramatically cut your calories from alcohol.Research conducted in bars in the US showed that bartenders poured 32 per cent more alcohol when using short tumblers compared to tall glasses, because the latter looked fuller quicker.

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