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I mean cutting down the unnecessary table salt, refined oil and sugar that you may add to your healthy foods like vegetables. Yeah, well, one of the first things I do with not having any salt, sugar, and oil in the diet is teaching people how to saute their vegetables without oil.
The vegetables will start to brown and that is like a caramelization. So that flavor from the browning is really, really good. And after the vegetables are cooked, you could even add a little bit of water, just to help release some of that caramelization on the bottom of the pan, that’s a lot of flavor there.
If you want to brighten up the flavour while you’re cooking, you could always add citrus, like a little bit of lemon or lime that really brightens up the flavour.
For desserts, because people always want dessert, I have two recipes: banana blueberry bar and four fruit cookie.

McDougall’s Health and Medical center, to share with us her teachings on the salt, sugar, and oil-free diet (plant based SOS-free diet) . Sweating means that you’re releasing the natural water and juices that are in the vegetables.
You just want to make sure you’re stirring the vegetables occasionally so they don’t burn. So rather than pan frying or deep-frying your vegetables, you have the pan, you have the vegetables in a dry pan and keep the lid on the pan but turn the heat up to medium high. The sweet potatoes don’t need to be in the refrigerator and they taste really good without anything added. Don’t worry about having soggy vegetables, as the broth eventually evaporates and the food gets lightly steamed.

So what you do is put the vegetables into a pan, a dry pan, no oil or water added, and I usually put it over medium heat and put the lid on so the vegetables will release all their juices and water. While some dishes simply cannot be prepared without oil, you could try this quick cheat for oil-free cooking.

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