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You may have mixed vegetable soup as well as soup prepared using different vegetables such as Tomato soup, Asparagus soup, Beet soup, Broccoli soup, Mushroom Soup, etc. One serving of mixed vegetable soup contains around 106 calories out of which around 54 calories come from fat.
The Miso Soup is an effective detoxifier and helps in eliminating the harmful elements taken into the body through pollution, artificial chemicals in the soil and food. The calorie content in each of these vegetable soups is different and so is their nutritional value. One cup of beet soup contains around 78.5 calories out of which around 36 calories come from fat.

One cup of carrot soup prepared with milk has 60 calories and one cup of delicious mushroom soup has 129 calories. The calorie content also varies based on the method of preparation as well as the serving size.
The total carbohydrate content in an equal serving of mixed vegetable soup is 10 grams, dietary fiber content is 3 grams, protein content is also 3 grams while the sodium content is 470 mg.
It has all the essential amino acids which makes this soup a complete protein food and is known to provide beneficial probiotics for the intestines. Miso soup can be served in various measurements like 1oz and 100 gram; with 10 KJ and 35 KJ calories of energy giving capacity respectively.

The miso soup cannot be called a fat free recipe, rather regular consumption of the soup can increase body weight.

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