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admin | Bodybuilding Training Program | 27.08.2015
For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this workout a week or so ago. Once a week, my brother and I are doing a high intensity interval workout that also incorporates strength.
This workout focuses on upper body muscle groups, but you will definitely still feel it in your legs during the cardio portions. The reason you will count your reps is so that the next time you do this workout you can compare your numbers.

If you don’t need to do cardio today, or plan on doing it after, you can omit the burpees from the workout. If you’re looking for a routine that burns calories, you should check our explosive conditioning routine or our insane fat burning routine. That’s why I made this workout for you today, which you can do right at home-no equipment needed. Make sure you have good form throughout the workout, and you can take breaks when you need to in order to ensure proper form.

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