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The developer of a popular fitness site page dropped a massive photo bomb when he was caught using the toilet with the door open in the background of one of his company's home work out videos.
The video was posted May 9 on the site The DailyHiit, which specializes in devising videos of simple at-home workouts.It has garnered more than 165,000 views on YouTube - several times more than the average video posted on the site.

The DailyHiit was founded by Frederick Light and his brother Sean as a way for a community of at-home fitness enthusiasts to shape up and tone their bodies. It features a small team of just four people, including  single producer who edits the video.It's unclear how he missed the two camera angles that show Sean Light using the toilet.
As fitness model Lisa-Marie Zbozen demonstrates squat-lift exercises in a small apartment, Sean Light can be seen in the bathroom with the door open.Miss Zbozen doesn't seem to notice the other squat happening in the frame behind her, she simply goes about her business showing off the workout techniques.

The site claims it has received more than 500million video views and more than 500,000 online followers.

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