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Join the new & improved Team Live Lean membership site & get a brand new 4 week FAT BLASTING workout program every month, weekly exclusive step-by-step cooking videos, PLUS access to my personal workout logs, and SO MUCH MORE! The fitness industry’s best-selling workout program using 5 unique training styles designed to simultaneously strip your body of those last 10 pounds of stubborn fat while adding lean muscle! Get access to my most effective abdominal training workouts in this 4 Digital DVD set workout program. This program is loaded with all my nutrition secrets to live lean as well as  beginner, intermediate, and advanced fat burning and muscle building workouts. This proven 6 week, 3 phase workout and nutrition program will show you the unique workout moves that can help you BUILD & Tone YOUR BUTT and activate your glutes so you’ll ACTUALLY GET RESULTS.

This Kindle e-book is a fitness and nutrition guide that provides you with 10 unique workout and nutrition strategies your personal trainer never told you about. Workout routines and fitness programs at fitclick, Workout routines, fitness programs & more. This includes my best selling Live Lean programs such as Afterburn, Sprint, MASS, over 200 recipes, Awaken The Abs Within, & so much more! This progressive sprinting program includes 3 phases, starting with beginner and moving up to advanced sprinting workouts. It also includes fat burning at home workouts that can be done in as little as 5 and even 4 minutes!

This program includes tons of VARIATIONS on the basic lifts, tempos, and rep ranges so you won’t get bored.

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