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Choose a mealtime to view a selection of the meals available as part of the Natural Ketosis programme. Click here to read more about our amazing low carb high protein snacks desserts and treats - Perfect at any time.
The Natural Ketosis high protein foods, which are low in starches and sugars are also high in fibre and nutrient rich.
The Natural Ketosis Programme provides foods which are virtually free of sugar and starch but high protein, high fibre, packed with essential nutrients; which not only provide 100% of your daily nutritional requirements*, but will trigger your body into burning excess body fat.

Low calorie diet food may look the same as Natural Ketosis Food but cannot trigger Ketosis because they are packed with cheap sugars and starches.
This ensures all Natural Ketosis Food is healthy and nutritious.Each of our quality ingredients are not only selected for their nutritional benefits, but also to ensure you can enjoy tasty, natural flavours in every meal.
The high protein in every meal not only provides essential building blocks for healthy muscles and bodies, but will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
The lower levels of protein will make the food cheaper but will not keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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