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The latest and most talked about nutritional development is the trend of endurance athletes experimenting with high fat, low carb (HFLC) diet. The basic idea behind the diet, is that fat as an energy source yields more energy than carbohydrates, therefore prolonging our aerobic performance level.
Quality high intensity training requires higher CHO intake (although endurance events are primarily aerobic, there will always be periods of the race completed at higher intensity, and also high intensity performance gains in training will require CHO), for this I would and always advise the main component of the diet to be CHO. While weight loss may be a factor in determining some level of performance gain, this should not be the primary goal of training and a balanced diet met with regularly prescribed exercise is more beneficial for the body. Also read between the lines in some HFLC articles, a lot of athletes who are claimed to use HFLC diet have often made alterations to their diet to become more efficient at utilising fat, or moving towards cleaner more refined form of carbohydrates. Ultimately performance gains should be driven by training and adaptations to progressively challenging loads, diet should be used to support this, not the other way around.

Either way, as research continues to delve into this diet you will find articles to support it, and for every one probably more to oppose it. When it comes to prevailing weight loss wisdom in the diet world, low carbohydrate diets are winning for their proven ability to help dieters shed pounds while curbing hunger. How the Atkins diet works: Because you reduce your carbohydrates while boosting protein and fat, your body forms ketone bodies. This is true to an extent, but what this diet (in my opinion) does is sends athletes the wrong message about the types of training we should be doing in conjunction with HFLC. You speed up weight loss while avoiding the desire to snack continually that can occur on high carbohydrate diets. While research is being done, and numerous well-known athletes attest to the benefits of the diet, the science is not conclusive (opposed to a higher CHO diet).

I find these athletes often then become very driven by volume and reduce the quality, higher intensity training that we all need to improve specific aspects of our performance. Look after your body and make sure training and diet are planned to support the specific changes you need to make in performance.

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