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Snacking throughout the day is essential for keeping your metabolism working hard and your hunger in check (so you don’t overeat later on!).
In fact, snacking can be an excellent way to curb cravings and keep you satisfied between meals, as long as you snack smart. Finding healthy snack options, though, is often difficult – meaning your mid-day pick me up can often do more harm than good.
LIFE has 9 healthy snack ideas that will keep you satisfied (and far away from the vending machine) all day long – so you can maintain your metabolism, fend off hunger and decrease your chances of overeating later on in the day when you are more likely to give in to temptation.

These lighter, healthier options are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite types of treats without blowing your calorie budget.
These healthy snacks for kids and adults make it easy to resist the vending machine and stay healthy.
103 Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas - Every Day with Rachael RayIt's time to get real about snacking!
50 Quick Snack Recipes - Food Network50 new after-school snacks from Food Network Magazine.

Healthy Snack Recipes - Cooking LightHealthy snacking is a great way to combat hunger in between meals.

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