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In addition to packing MJ a school lunch, kindergarteners are required to have a snack at morning recess.
Dairy – Many parents dismiss the idea of sending dairy as a school snack for fear that it will go bad or spoil by the time their children get to eat it. Healthy Juices – Selections with 100 percent fruit, flavored water and caffeine-free, natural tea pouches or drink boxes are all refreshing choices to wash down tasty and nutritional treats during daily snack time.
In my quest to find healthy snack ideas without duplicating the same ol’ foods, I got great tips in this guest post from Giraffe. A small, liquid ice pack can be frozen in a matter of hours and pairs great with a freezer bag or small snack pail.

Equally as important to parents is choosing the best and most nutritious snacks for their children that will keep their energy up and mood stable during the long school day. The active cultures in yogurt will keep your child’s digestion healthy and the fun yogurt pouches, flavors and colors will make snack time fun for them.
If your child attends public school, it is inevitable that your child may encounter a child with a food allergy, or maybe your child is the one with the food allergy. They are a great choice for a school snack on any day that your child has a big test or exam.
Allergies for gluten or peanuts, for example, can pose some challenges for selecting the best snacks, but with a little bit of careful planning, it is achievable.

For a quick snack on the go, try bananas, apples, or even Dole Real Fruit Bites, coated with yogurt and sprinkled with toasted whole grain oats.

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