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One of the most common forms of liver disease is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD which is often associated with obesity.
The fat concentrated in so many types of food many of are used to since we remember ourselves are damaging one of our most crucial organ – the liver. Some of these fats are stored in and around the liver, thus contributing to the development of fatty liver disease.
Hi Dr, I have a fatty liver that I was diagnosed with a few months back, since then I had a heart attack and surgery, I have a collapsed lung and my diaphragm is not functioning properly,plus two blood clots.

Iam suffering fatty liver,and I always visit websites to get effective faty liver reverse food, So that Iam kindly reguested from you to display the best ones. A non-alcoholic fatty liver disease mainly develops due to excessive amount of fat consumed by the individual. Physical activity is an additional key factor to burn the fat in your body and your liver, as it replaces the fats with muscles. For that reason I highly recommend starting a proper diet plan using the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN.

A cardiac diet, I have done some research and found that some things I can eat with one and not with the other how do I go about it.

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