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Veggies are the HEALTHIEST foods on the planet, and you should be looking for ways to eat MORE veggies. Potassium is needed for muscle function, calcium is needed for bone health, zinc is needed for a fast metabolism, and iron is needed for healthy circulation.
All of these minerals can be found in veggies!Vitamins - Fruits and some vegetables will give you the vitamins you need to be healthy. You feel better about yourself after drinking these natural juices!The truth is that juicing is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health!

Fruits should be the sweet base of your juices, giving them the delicious flavor that you enjoy.However, fruits should only play a SMALL part in your juices.
The same sugar that gives them their sweet flavor can lead to high glucose levels, weight gain, and other health issues. The majority of your juices should be rich in veggies, with fruit as the base of the flavor! There are two types of juicers: #1 Centrifugal Juicer These are high-powered juicers that can slice and dice pretty much any vegetable or fruit you want to juice.

Masticating juicers have augers that spin at roughly 80 RPM, meaning that they slowly crush the fruits rather than slicing them up.
Drop the orange quarters into the juicer, along with a small piece of peel (it contains special health-boosting oils!).Cut the pear and apple in half, slice out the cores, and drop them into the juicer.

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