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Metabolic Acidosis – Is a condition when the body pH balance is acid or below 7.  Another term used for it is dehydrated. Inflammation is you body’s response to injury or the damage done to the cell walls by free radicals. Free radicals – are needed in an acid balance like in your stomach but for the rest of your body free radicals destroy healthy cells.  The antioxidants found in natural food help protect your cells from oxidative damage or loss of oxygen.
Stomach and colon acid is a completely different system from the rest of the body.  That system needs to maintain an acid balance for that is how you break down and digest food. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of OXYGEN in normal body cells by a fermentation of SUGAR.” – Dr.
Acid and Sugar hate oxygen and destroy any they can find, alkaline conditions love oxygen and promote good health. Over time, the body keeps burying the unbalanced acid and it slowly builds up in the tissues.  Sign are allergies, colds, flu, inflammation, and rashes. Pain is the first indicator – Pain is a sign of your body calling out for oxygen.  Your body’s muscles are full of acid and need the alkaline effect of oxygen. When acid builds in your stomach it can back up and cause pressure.  This discomfort and pain can be felt in the abdomen, chest and sometimes the back or to other areas. Be very careful for this is not the most reliable test.  It is better for professional blood work and paying attention to how your body feels.

But my warning to you is, you will be very lucky if your family physician will talk to you about the value of ‘pH balancing”, emotional wellbeing, illness or even for that matter how you feel.  Your friendly doctor spent most of his time learning about drugs than nutrition. Yet, the Alkaline Diet isn’t all bad, it does have some truths about food basic balance and how it can influence your body. In other words, eat food that is grown in the ground that is as close to your home as possible and don’t eat food that is created in a lab.  Your body can only digest natural nutrients the rest it converts to sugar which has an acid balance. I have also found the body’s taste buds to be extremely helpful.  The taste of sour and bitter reflect alkaline balanced food.
Forgot to mention that I like your article and the time and effort you went to before you presented it here. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Stress causes your body to seek sugar as quick fuel for a surge of energy, according to the American Psychological Association. A 2014 study of more than 4,000 students in New Zealand found that a high-quality diet was associated with better mental health and a low-quality diet was associated with poor mental health.
From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. Even though it sounds complex and is difficult to put down on paper, it isn’t for your body.  The human body doesn’t need much.

The body will stop at nothing to maintain this balance and it will take what it needs from other body tissues and buffering systems.  It will start taking calcium and other alkalizing minerals from fat stores, muscle and bones to neutralize the acid in the blood. What constituted an unhealthy diet, for purposes of the study, was one that was high in sugar and processed foods. For instance, a 2012 study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that, of 81 obese people seeking treatment for binge eating, 57 percent met the criteria for food addiction. Your local farmer is deeply involved with the pH of his soil to determine which crops grow best and where.  Your body automatically fights to keep the pH levels balanced. It doesn’t need a pile of complex science created and very expensive drugs.  All it really needs is God’s blessing and some good old raw natural food. Note also, fungus, molds, parasites, and yeast thrive in an acid balance they feed on our body’s proteins and fats and deposit toxins.  If not kept in check the toxins will overrun the body and organ breakdown and disease is the result.
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