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Warning that too few schools are complying with the Government's Jamie Oliver-inspired food rules, officials urged them to ensure pupils follow advice on a good diet. Among its recommendations, Ofsted said schools 'consider easy ways of monitoring the food choices made'.
Our writing team prepared this food and recipe article for the website of the Home & Family Network. Healthy foods are commonly perceived to be more expensive than less healthy foods, a belief perhaps fueled by studies showing that healthy foods are more expensive per calorie. Schools' attempts to create a healthy-eating regime were 'undermined when pupils brought in unhealthy packed lunches', the report said.

This is not surprising, as less-healthy foods tend to be higher in calories than healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and the price-per-calorie metric does not account for total calories consumed. Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: ‘Our teenage years are an important first opportunity to be responsible for our own food choices, so it’s worrying that so many in this age group are still not getting their five-a-day. Price per edible gram is the price of a food after it has been cooked and the seeds, peels, skins, shells, and bones have been removed. Less healthy foods were defined as those high in sodium, added sugars, or saturated fats, or that contain small to zero amounts of the food groups. Foods in this category included many canned and dry soups, fruit-flavored yogurt, and sodas.Prices for each food category varied depending on the price metric used.

Based on the price-per-calorie measure, some vegetables are considerably more expensive than less healthy foods. Using this metric, the less healthy foods are more expensive than all of the food groups except the protein group.

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