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An article on Food Poisoning Bulletin dated December 8, 2013 reveals that most Americans ignore the calorie count of meals served at fast food restaurants. They used the 2009 HealthStyles survey to perform a cross-sectional analysis on a sample of 4,363 U.S. Fast foods earned their moniker due to the ease and speed with which they are prepared and served. Those who want to encourage healthier eating within their communities can become franchise partners of leading healthy dining restaurants.
That is the million dollar question… As a busy mom working and running errands all day long, you may be tempted to pick up fast food for your family from time to time in a pinch.
More and more fast food restaurants are beginning to offer healthier choices; you just need to know what to look for. Subway: Subway is full of healthy choices, but your best bet is to order the oven roasted chicken breast salad with a yogurt on the side. I spend a great deal of time writing nutrition articles on WorldofDiets and for a good reason: nutrition is the basis of good health and a fast weight loss. Surprisingly, it’s controlled food consumption that has a bigger impact on weight loss than exercise, although both are crucial for losing weight and keeping it off.
It’s easier to control our eating at home because we can limit our grocery purchases to exclude fattening foods and cook ourselves healthy meals. I saved the most frequently visited forest of fast food for last because most of us know it well.
Benita Perkins – is a widely acclaimed health and wellness branding expert focusing on the fitness needs of women and the special demands they must overcome to step into a lifetime of healthy living through fun, interactive lifestyle events. Such establishments are infamous for their high-calorie offerings, which can cause serious health complications if consumed on a regular basis. While a growing number of consumers want to eat good and nutritious food, there are those who’ve simply resigned themselves to eating fast food regardless of the calorie content.

The usual tradeoff is that these foods are high in calories, fat, and sugar, and can be very unhealthy if consumed in immoderate amounts.
It’s a good thing that a growing number of restaurants are adding greener and leaner options to their menus in response to the clamor for fresh and nutritious food. This will give you a serving of vegetables, healthy carbs, and protein to keep you full, and the whole combo only has 270 calories.
Carb Cycling By Tom Venuto In this article, Tom Venuto, author of the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program explores carb cycling, one of the most popular nutrition methods by bodybuilders and people who want to lose fat without giving up all of their carbs. For most, eating food is much more accessible and pleasant than exercise, so this part is all the more difficult.
If people can’t bring themselves to a healthier restaurant, then perhaps a budding entrepreneur can bring convenient and healthy fast foods to them, instead. Yet a fast food business doesn’t have to stick with junk food when fresh and healthy gourmet meals and sandwiches make for a better and increasingly more popular option.
You can get in touch with a company like Fresh & Healthy Brands that offers an excellent selection of healthy fast food franchise opportunities in strategic local and even international locations. These will give you some excellent tools that will help you lose weight and improve your health. If you ever heard about carb cycling and were wondering what it really is, this is a must read article. Fast food is convenient and to say that it is forbidden would be setting you up for failure. Below are some great fast food lunch or dinner choices that keep the meal under 500 calories (before a beverage). Farmed fish pose a few health risks worth knowing about, but even wild fish may contain high levels of mercury and other hazardous elements. Geary provides some tips on how to choose the most safe fish for you and your family in this important article.

55 Nutrition Tips For Great Health And Fast Fat Loss This is an article that I wrote a while ago with 55 nutrition tips for great health and weight loss. How To Cut 67,675 Calories From Your Diet With 1 Simple Step I guess the title of this article pretty much sums it up.
In this article, Tom Venuto explores whether your body requires carbs and is it a good idea to go on a very low carb diet. In this article, Sisson answers a question by a reader and discusses, in length, whether a low carb diet can be improved by the occasional carb fest. This is an article that anyone who is doing a low carb diet and seeing their weight loss stall should read. In this article, Mike Geary goes over the incredible effect that cruciferous vegetables have on your body’s tendency to store abdominal fat. Fat Burning Recipes To Lose Weight Spices are often perceived as nothing more than a way to add a little flavor to your food. There are some spices which provide a real benefit to your health and contribute to your fat loss efforts. In this article I go over some of the best spices that you should include in your diet if you’re interested in losing weight. In this article I explore what happens to your body when you go on a starvation diet and explain how this may not be the best way to go if you want to achieve a long term weight loss. I hope that these articles will give you something to chew on (pardon the pun) as you continue to educate yourself on the best way to feed your body to maintain good health and an attractive physique. Read them all and you will have plenty of things that you can improve quickly to become healthier and leaner soon.

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