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You, as the parent, have a tremendous influence on your child’s attitudes about food and their eating habits, starting at a very early age. The best thing you can do to foster healthy eating habits for you kids is to be a good role model. It’s very important that your children see you practicing healthy habits in order for them to adopt healthy habits themselves. Even now when my child goes to school with kids taking hot pockets and lunchables, she still eats her green salad, her tofu and couscous, edamame, etc. I guess you can trick kids with Elmo, but I suggest something more meaningfuland lasting - a book, "The ABC's of Fruits & Vegetables and Beyond." Used in classrooms it teaches both reading and a love for these important foods. HEALTHY EATING: Being a good food role model is an important part of getting your kids eating well.
It seems like every second day we see articles about childhood obesity, children's poor eating habits, or how families never sit down and enjoy a family meal together anymore.

Our eating habits and food consumption have a big impact on our health, which is why parents are targets for healthy eating campaigns - not only for ourselves, but also for our children.
A new review of research shows that as parents we can have a big influence on the food culture in our families - and it all begins in pregnancy.
There is an increasing amount of research to show that the food we eat in pregnancy has an impact on our children's eating habits.
Research has shown that when parents set firm boundaries around food - that is, unhealthy foods are occasional treats, and they don't give in to their children's pestering - children grow up with healthier food habits. With her high energy, down-to-earth charm, Mitzi passionately motivates all audiences to take action. It's about being loving and responsive to our kids needs without allowing them to run the food show.
We eat healthy foods ourselves (beginning in pregnancy), we encourage family rituals around preparing healthy food and eating together, and we don't give in to the pester power!

Mitzi co-authored The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion (Rodale, 2009) with NFL future Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez helping people learn how to eat clean to get lean. I grew up with a dad who ate junk food and cookies in front of my face and we didn't get snacks.
These are all examples of how we set patterns of behavior around eating and sharing meals.
When learned, it's less expensive, it's not that tough, it's not that much more time consuming, and cooking time is actually a great pre-dinner bonding time with my little midgets.

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