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In the Spanish study, 54 people with borderline diabetes were put on a Mediterranean diet for eight months.They ate the same amount of calories all the way through but for half the time they also ate 57g of pistachios - or around 60 of the nuts - a day.
Their weight did not change but blood tests clearly showed that eating pistachios did make a difference.Most importantly, levels of sugar and the hormone insulin in the blood fell – a sign the body was finding it easier to process the sugar in food. When Nemo was adopted by the John family of Yellowwood Park a decade ago he landed with his bum in the proverbial butter. Eating a big bowl of leafy greens and veggies (topped with a yummy dressing, of course) will start a love affair that is going to last forever. One of ten finalists in the annual competition held to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity, Nemo was chosen as overall winner by public voting online.

The two biggest ways you can show your body the respect that it deserves is by exercising and eating healthy.
Ten years later the treats had taken their toll - Nemo weighed a mammoth 51kgs and was starting to show signs of joint pain. Healthy, whole foods will be your biggest ally in the fight to reach your happiest, healthiest self. Veterinarian Dr Saadiya Mangera persuaded the family to put Nemo on a diet - and having already seen their previous dog suffering from crippling arthritis in his older years, this was enough encouragement. And remember, there’s no need to punish yourself for accidentally eating too much, nor should you ever use food as a reward for something.

But trust me, getting up and using your body for something other than drooling over John Hamm will make you feel like a brand new person every day.
If you ever catch yourself reaching for a snack when you’re not really hungry, take a step back and scan your mind.
And oh yeah, once you get in the habit, it’ll start to help you make healthier food choices without you even having to think about it.

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