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In order to avoid eating from roadside restaurants during road trips, pack healthy lunches and snacks. However, as it is not possible at this time to stick to your typical foods, eat 70 or 80 percent healthy foods and spare the rest to taste some rich and junk foods like dark chocolate or cheesy burgers.
So, try avoiding them as much as possible and drink fresh cold water or fruit juices instead.
Don’t be fooled by these health claims, which though true regarding some of what they do contain, fail to mention the many nutrients they leave out when compared to whole fruit and the additional calories they can easily tack on to one’s diet leading to unwanted weight gain. The challenge is to maintain your healthy eating habits like dining on nutritious meals and snacks, as much as possible. Trail mix, chopped raw vegetables, pears, plums, apples, and other seasonal fruits will make green travel snacks.

You can also make requests for healthier options like boiled, baked, or grilled instead of fried foods.
However, what you need to do is to make smart dining choices and fill yourself up on healthy foods whenever you can throughout your vacation.
As summer is hot, eating fresh fruits and yogurt as snacks will save you from various problems like fatigue, night sweat, headache, etc. Whether or not a child is breastfed, this study shows that it is beneficial to steer clear of juice when it comes to young children’s long term health. You may find that eating healthy can make you feel less sluggish and able to enjoy your entire vacation!
Though unsweetened grape juice is still a better choice than soda because of some of the vitamins and antioxidants it contains (plus the artificial ingredients it leaves out), it should still be consumed in moderation to avoid the excess calorie consumption for little nutritional value when compared to whole fruits.An important component that makes whole fruit a better choice when striving to meet the daily recommended servings of fruits each day is fiber, a nutrient which slows digestion and promotes a slow and steady sugar release into the bloodstream.

Without the fiber of whole fruit, juice’s sugars (though natural) are absorbed in a rapid, less healthy manner, causing blood sugar “spikes.”  Additionally, liquid calories are registered differently by our brains so they do not fill us up the way calories from solid foods do.
About 4 ounces of 100% fruit juice equals one serving of fruit, though as previously mentioned, juice lacks the fiber and other nutrients of whole fruit.  Water is the preferred form of hydration for adults and children alike, and whole fruits should be consumed on most days to meet the daily recommended fruit intake of 2 cups per day. Even adding a fresh slice of ginger to water adds a zesty flavor making you more inclined to reach for the healthiest source of hydration- 100% calorie free for 0% weight gain (along with a balanced diet!).

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