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HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. Many critics of HCG injections believe you could get the same results by simply eating less.
Your best bet is About HCG Injections, all clients are screened via medical questionnaire by a licensed physician and you can visit a diet clinic if you would prefer to see a doctor in person but the costs can be several hundred dollars just for the visit.
There are no caloric restrictions during phase 3, and you don’t take injections during this phase. If your weight does fluctuate by more than 2 pounds just have a “steak day.” Don’t eat anything other than a large steak with a big tomato for the whole day.
Lightly brown the chicken with a little lemon juice.  Add spices, additional lemon juice, and chicken broth.
This exercise is great for burning abdominal fat as well as building up the abdominal muscles.
This Involves kneeling over the side of a bench and placing one knee and hand on the bench for support.
All you need is a little space and commitment to any other exercise you choose to attain your goal of bursting some of the extra fat you want gone. There is information abound regarding the HCG Injection that you can find very useful and we are glad you stopped in here to add to your knowledge. As you can see the HCG Injection is an amazing tool suitable for many purposes, be sure to use HCG as intended as HCG for hormone therapy or fertility usually require a doctor visit while HCG for weight loss often just requires an online form to be filled out.  You can typically find a months supply of the HCG Injection for around $140, make sure to find a reputable source. There have been studies showing that homeopathic or oral HCG has little to no effect after ingested.
Why do people taking the HCG Orally still experience weight loss is possibly the next logical question. The downside is if you are not taking HCG that is in it’s full dosage then you may be losing as much muscle as fat!
This is because their body composition is the same, in fact the likely have less muscle than before but they are happy with the fact they lost weight.
The only way way to ensure that you lose more fat than muscle on this low calorie diet is to make sure you are taking the correct dosage of HCG and the only way to make sure that is happening is to be on the HCG injections. We have written several posts showing before and after results, testimonials, HCG Diet information, the stated findings regarding use of the injections, the ineffectiveness of drops and more.
The answer quite simply is YES, especially if you are a bit older and may have decreased testosterone production already, I will also discuss how this helps younger athletes further down.
HCG has been shown to raise testosterone levels in men that are suffering from low testosterone production. The benefits to having your testosterone at higher levels is that you have more energy, focus, strength, recuperative ability and a gain in muscle mass. This hormone is so powerful that even athletes who take anabolic steroids often supplement HCG after coming off of a steroid cycle.
By introducing HCG even athletes who have been abusing steroids regain there ability to produce testosterone naturally.
Jeff Wolfson, owner and coach of the hCG Weight Loss Center, has completed the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians of Asthetic Medicine) Medical Weight Loss program which combines the hormone hCG, a very low calorie diet and exercise for fast, effective and safe weight loss. Furthermore, current research is showing that one's RMR, resting metabolic rate, is increased after after a round of hCG. This evidence explains why such a large number of our patients are able to maintain their weight loss unlike the majority of individuals who have tried other popular weight loss methods. These weight reduction treatments include the use of hCG, a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control. When seeking a medically supervised weight loss program it is important to have your doctor perform a full medical history and assessment. In addition to personal and family health history there are other underlying issues which may produce weight gain.
Since HCG is an infertility drug, women who are using HCG for weight loss should be aware that they have a high risk of getting pregnant. Women who are being treated for weight loss report that they have decreased hunger, food cravings and increased energy levels.
HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy (the same hormone detected in home pregnancy kits). More than a dozen medical studies have shown that combined with a low calorie diet and exercise, HCG increases fat loss and helps with loss of inches.
HCG has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss, although it has been approved for the treatment of other medical conditions.

Usually you’ll have better luck finding doctors who are open to HCG injections in clinics than you would with traditional health providers.
It should be easy after taking injections and restricting yourself to 500 calories on phase 2!
Dairy products often contain sugar, especially if they are “low fat.” It’s better to get high-fat dairy products and use them in moderation.
When the chicken is cooked thoroughly, add fresh tomatoes and cilantro and cook for 5-10 more minutes. As a matter of fact you don’t even need the expensive and fancy equipment to give your body that effective workout you need. As for those who are just starting, there is no need to stress about getting your head all the way up. The other leg should be positioned slightly back to side while you grasp the dumbbell from the floor. While we touch on most of this in various posts we thought it would be worthwhile to post some of the stated benefits of HCG on one post for ease of use. This hormone is made early on during pregnancy and helps the woman metabolize body fat in order to keep the fetus fed with vital nutrients and calories. Even though Oral HCG may seem like a good option, due to the cheap cost and absence of needles no matter how little you spend, it may be too much if they do not work. The HCG shots allow you to receive the correct dose which in turn helps to increase the amount of fat lost and decrease the amount of muscle lost. The oral version has very little effect and can lead you to believe it is working simply due to the diet you are following when in fact it may be doing more harm than good in the long term. The site is provided as a resource for you to use when researching HCG and the benefits of the product.
Now we bring you some information on a very reliable and reputable provider of HCG Shots- US HCG Injections. They have trained medical professionals on staff and the offer the best service AND price anywhere. In fact, it works so well that HCG injections are often used to help with fertility issues in both men and women! This hormone allows for the fetus to feed off of the mother's fat cells in times of nutritional distress. These fat stores are different from the normal fat reserves which the body typically uses for energy.
There is no substantial evidence that hCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or normal distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets. The history is important because it will give clues as to possible underlying medical issues, such as Hypothyroidism, which is notorious for producing weight gain.
The physical will generally be brief in nature and Dr Hoffman will also check your weight, and obtain your initial physical measurements. Thus, women need to take appropriate precautions to prevent pregnancy while on the HCG diet. It was first used to help weight loss because several physicians noted that overweight women actually lost weight when they were pregnant. Indeed, it’s illegal for companies to claim that homeopathic HCG injections or drops actually do anything at all to help you lose weight. Anything “white” is generally problematic on this phase: white flour, white rice, white sugar, potatoes, and white pasta should all be avoided. Read labels so that you know what you’re getting and use organic dairy products wherever and whenever possible. Begin with a set of 10-15 prisoner squats, 10- 12 kneeling push ups or push ups, about 5o jumping jacks and then hold the position for 20 seconds.
This should be repeated 7 times to make a total of 8 cycles with a 3-4 minutes cool down and warm up before each interval. Descend until your thighs are part parallel to the floor then extend knees and hips until the legs are straight again.
Then squat down flexing the knee and hip of the front leg allowing the rear leg to bend to a point that it almost touches the floor. As the pregnant mother starts to increase her caloric intake the HCG production eventually slows or stops. By taking the HCG as a shot the hormone is introduced into the bloodstream and you get the full dose as intended.

The diet that people tend to go on when on HCG leads to very rapid weight loss, the Simeon’s Diet suggests a significant reduction in calories which will allow most anyone to lose weight quickly. I am sure we have seen, or know people that have lost 10, 15 or even 20 pounds but they look almost the same as before the weight loss. If you are looking for a service oriented source and want to find the cheapest HCG online you must go visit the site today. By applying an HCG shot a mans begins to increase his testosterone production which can bring it up from a medium-low count up to a medium-high count.
The body can detect this abnormal amount and therefore slows or stops the production of testosterone that is created naturally. Not because it is dangerous or bad for you but often the HCG can be detected in the event the actual steroid is not.
Jeff has coached numerous clients through the program with astounding results and most everyone has managed to keep the weight off. In addition, a family history is equally important in your assessment as it will give your doctor a basis for laboratory testing that may be necessary.
On a side note, the dose of HCG used in weight loss is 150 to 250 units, in infertility the dose can be up to 5000 units per day.
More importantly they all report they are losing fat in areas which was previously difficult to lose such as the saddlebags, back fat and in the banana roll. More frequent injections may be given after re-evaluations and approval from your medical provider.
ATW Simeons discovered that HCG, when administered in very small doses, could suppress the appetite and prompt the hypothalamus to begin actively using the body’s fat stores, especially when combined with a low-calorie, organic foods diet. Our bodies create these “set points.” If your “set point” is 195 pounds, for example, your body will adjust its metabolism as much as possible to keep you at 195 pounds. Here are a number of exercises while on the HCG diet you can use to burn out that extra fat you don’t really need by elevating your metabolism and thus tone that body of yours. The assumption is, in sports that test, that if there is HCG in your system then at some point there were also anabolic steroids. Using this fact combined with a very calorie restrictive diet during non-pregnancy times, we can effect the loss of large amounts of fat in a relatively short period of time--without any hardship to the participant. I tried every diet one could imagine and with each successive failure came more depression and, of course, more weight gain. Remember, the goal is for you to lose the weight and keep it off in the long term.  Often, keeping the weight off in the long term requires addressing other factors that are underlying the weight gain itself which can be merely a symptom of a larger problem. There are other medications which can affect weight loss and if you are on medications they will all be reviewed.
He also found HCG could offer positive changes in cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
In addition, the problem that many people face with weight loss is the body is not accurately accessing those fat stores to begin with. The theory is you can lower your calories drastically and via the HCG your body will more efficiently metabolize and consume fat for your daily caloric needs, not only resulting in weight loss but more importantly fat loss.
I heard about the hCG protocol through a friend of mine, who introduced me to Jeff and his invaluable coaching services. If you’re still not at your goal weight by the third phase you can take a second or third HCG treatment.
Finally, the HCG acts as a powerful appetite suppressant so you’re not uncomfortable as you try to lose weight. Therefore you have to complete Phase 3 if you want to keep off the weight that you’ve just taken off with your HCG injections and diet.
With the introduction of steroids into the system the body slows or stops the production of testosterone, the HCG functions to allow the steroid user to get back to a normal or even High normal range of testosterone production.
If you found it easier to work within caloric guidelines you can now use an online tool to find your caloric “maintenance” level for your height, weight, gender and current weight.

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