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Oz, who did not give Pure Green Coffee permission to use his name and saw no profit from the sales, considers himself to be a victim in this situation and others like it. The story began when an Oz Show producer contacted Duncan’s PR people, asking whether he knew anything about green coffee bean supplements.Duncan is an interesting character. According to the FTC's lawyers, at that time, Duncan knew nothing about the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract.
On the episode, Duncan made incredible claims about green coffee beans that no one could resist: the supplements, he said, would cause major weight and fat loss, including 17 pounds in 12 weeks and 16 percent of body fat — without diet or exercise.

I understand that you give a lot of information that's great information about health and you do it in a way that's easily understandable. Duncan and the other stakeholders in his companies have sold $50-million worth of green coffee-bean products to date.
This meant that when people typed in phrases related to the supplements, they would be directed to his websites.In a final, deceptive flourish, Duncan used his TV appearance to sell his green coffee bean supplements to retailers, such as Walmart. Duncan added language that "would advise viewers that they could find green coffee bean capsules online by typing the words ‘Pure Green Coffee Bean Capsules’ into their web browsers… [He also] added language in which Duncan would advise viewers to ‘take two 400 mg vegetarian capsules,'" according to the FTC.The Dr.

Oz producer followed up with Duncan, asking whether he could recommend a particular brand of green coffee bean supplement.Duncan didn’t reply right away.

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