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In the United States, March is National Nutrition Month, of which a particular day is set aside for Diabetes Awareness.
It is still advisable that people with diabetes also avoid using a lot of granulated sugar as it raises the blood sugar but is void of any nutrient. Let us make the statement that rice is considered a healthful component of the diabetic diet. Also, note that while Dried Beans are high in nutrients, they also contribute significantly to the carbohydrate content of one’s diet.
The major obstacle to limiting our intake of carbohydrate foods lies not in our craving for an enormous amount of rice. When using alternative methods for glucose control such as assorossi (Momordica Charantia, also known as Bitter Melon), aloe, and other herbals, remember that they will very likely increase the effect of your medicines.

In addition to the diet, a regular program of physical activity, taking medications as prescribed, smoking cessation, and monitoring your blood glucose at home are now considered essential in the management of the disease. In the Haitian-American community, the form of diabetes that is the most prevalent is called type 2.
For one person it may be to lower the blood glucose, for another to regulate the blood pressure and yet for another it may be to decrease the weight. However, the amount of rice suggested by your dietitian will probably be way less than your usual intake. To promote adherence, the diet should include different foods that you and your family usually eat.
Some favorite foods, high in Carbohydrates, must of course be reserved for occasional use and for when the blood sugar is under good control.

The person with diabetes who does not eat vegetables with his meals is bound to eat a larger than desired amount of starchy foods. This facilitates the development of many long-term complications, the major ones being heart disease, kidney disease and diabetic eye disease.
Diabetes is a highly manageable disease but requires a lot of self-care, including watching one’s diet very carefully.

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