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The vegetables in veggie chips, on the other hand, are so thin and processed that most of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from the actual vegetable have vanished. I went home and had a pow wow with Melanie and we came up with some great from-scratch recipes that give us the crunch of a chip with the goodness of real veggies. Actually, all the research I have done points to olive oil and canola oil being good choices for cooking.
Thank you Doc for the warning, seems our food supply has been sabotaged by huge corporations that process our food, also by the use of a mandolin (can be purchased at dollar stores too!) is easy and the vegetables come out looking very attractive sauteed in olive oil they can be delicious and easy to cook too! The International Journal of Food Science and Technology describes how the demand for minimally processed vegetables is still in demand and as such there is an increase in the availability of such foods [2].
Yes, the unhealthy, salty type of chips that is ABSOLUTELY not good for us – especially in the long term.
Well… the concern is the additives and inclusions that are used to create these veggie chips are, in the long run, not very good for you. With veggies, you usually get a lovely green smoothie that can seem just delightful to consume and of course you also think that these veggies are good for you. Examples of these coated, and usually delicious, coated vegetables include veggies that are drenched in flour and other coatings and then fried for that crunchy appeal. Yes, in many of these cases we have just discussed, technically you are still eating a vegetable, but it has changed from its natural form in some way or has been processed in a way that makes it easier to consume. Hence, this introduces the opportunity to consume more of these veggies and in turn such veggies can make you fat! If you stop and think about it, potato chips are basically the unofficial snack food of summer.

If you like your snacks on the slightly sweet side, opt for these crunchy baked apple chips, which get a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. In addition to the salt and pepper, these zucchini chips are also flavored with apple cider vinegar for a tangy zip. But make no mistake, despite pictures of carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach on the label, these chips are far from a bag full of fresh vegetables. I took a look at the nutrition label of one popular veggie chip and found it very disturbing. OH NO… these veggies chips can be just as bad as or even worse than the more commonly known salty potato chips.  SHOCKER, right!!!
NOT SO!!!  Depending on the way it’s prepared, veggie chips can help you pack on those pounds and simply because we think that the veggie chips we are consuming are healthy, we may tend to EAT MORE VEGGIE CHIPS, making the situation so much more worse. Having a dip available could encourage kids to eat veggies that would typically be bypassed or ignored and this is backed up by a study where kids asked to eat veggies with and without the presence of a vegetable dip [4].  BUT beware of the DIP! Hmmm… perhaps this “dressing up” is not quite the best idea out there and the reason why is the fact that the “dressing up “ of the veggies add on extra “stuff” including more calories, extra processing that could destroy nutrients and potentially an INCREASED tendency to want to OVER-EAT these processed vegetables. There are so many cookouts, beach and pool days, ballgames, and picnics, and it's easy to throw a store-bought bag in the car to feel like you've made a contribution to the spread—but you're not exactly doing your health any favors by relying on chips' convenience factor. Nevertheless, we probably know that vegetables – popularly known as “veggies” – are good for us.

NO… these veggies that can make you fat actually do so by taking advantage of the fact that the vegetable classification may make people eat more of these foods while the foods DO NOT contribute in any way to low calorie intake or weight loss.
YES, there can be a significant amount of sugar and a high calorie count when consuming vegetable juice. With this type of thinking, we consume more vegetable juice and in turn more sugar content and more calories in a day!
Not much better than potato chips, which have 160 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 170 mg of sodium per serving.
Actually, research studies reveal that countries do not eat enough vegetables and in some places, only 45% of the youth eat at least one veggie portion every day [1]. Organic vegetables is the way to go when you want healthy snacks whether fresh or served with a twist.
Especially in terms of the way these vegetables are presented before we eat these foods, we are automatically actually packing on the pounds when we consume these foods.

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