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If your child has mouth pain from a recent dental procedure, oral surgery or illness, it may be recommended that he follow a soft diet. Soups and stews with soft vegetables, small pieces of meat and noodles are already a staple of many kids' diets. Beth Helmold is a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. This type of diet is usually recommended for a short time until difficulty chewing, painful swallowing or overall mouth discomfort is resolved. Each of these foods requires little chewing if it is cooked to a soft consistency and they are also very versatile.
She holds a bachelor of science degree in dietetics and a master of science degree in family and consumer sciences.
Making sure that you offer appealing foods to your child is important so that he will get adequate calories, protein and other nutrients needed for growth and healing. A high-protein breakfast option is scrambled eggs, and you can add shredded cheese or salsa for more flavor.

Traditional submarine sandwiches will likely be too tough for your child to bite and chew while she is on a soft diet. Consider serving these foods with cottage cheese, yogurt or a scoop of frozen yogurt for a variation in texture and flavors. Helmold works full-time at a children's hospital as a pediatric dietitian and part-time at a local college teaching nutrition. Most children love breakfast pastries and there are many soft foods which fall into this category, like muffins and donuts.
Instead make sandwiches with moist meats, such as ground hamburger or turkey, on a soft bun.
Popsicles, Italian ice cups, gelatin and pudding are also suitable snacks that are easy to eat when your child requires a soft diet. You may need to tear pastries into smaller pieces so your child will not have to bite into the food. Add gravy, barbeque sauce or other condiments to the meat and bread to further soften the texture.

White fish, ground poultry and shredded beef or pork will be the most moist and soft protein options.
Pancakes make a great breakfast option since they are already very soft and can be further moistened by adding butter and syrup. You can serve these hot beverages with a soft cookie or muffin to make a comforting and delicious snack.
Soft cooked vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, mashed potatoes and canned green beans can be topped with butter or cheese sauce to keep them moist and easy to chew.

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