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This is because just work outs can never give you the desired result, unless it is accompanied by the right diet. Here are a few tips on planning your diet around good sources of fiber, protein and other nutrients that can help burn extra calories and give you the perfect abs. They have a low calorie count and are a good source of calcium, which is essential for muscle contraction.In brief, they assist fueling your workouts.
Studies have proved that a diet with high levels of satiety value helps in cutting the tummy fat more quickly.

Foods To Avoid Till now, if we have discussed about the foods you need, be equally careful about the foods you need to avoid for healthy abs. If you eat eggs for your breakfast, you will feel full throughout the day and this will make you eat less, which is much required to achieve great abs. Also, foods rich in fiber require a lot of chewing and this way also you feel satisfied very quickly.
Corn, white and black beans, kidney beans, brown rice, whole wheat bread, apples, almonds and broccoli are some of the right choices for a fiber rich diet and great abs.

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