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Individuals suffering from Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes can safely consume the highly nutritious kiwi fruit. Rich in antioxidants and having a relatively low glycemic index (30-50), apples are the ideal fruit for diabetics.
Cherries with their low Glycemic Index (22), low carbohydrate levels and high amounts of dietary fiber is yet another excellent fruit for diabetics. Diabetics can safely consume pears as this fruit has an extremely low glycemic index (mid 20’s). Papaya is a low sugar fruit which can be safely consumed by individuals who suffer from Type-I and Type-II diabetes. Recent medical research has revealed the startling fact that grapefruit (GI 25) contains certain active ingredients which are just as effective as conventional diabetes medication when it comes to lowering rising blood sugar levels.
Consuming kiwi fruit will not cause a significant rise in blood sugar levels, as this fruit has an extremely low glycemic index (53).
This fruit which has a low glycemic index, contains important antioxidant compounds including ellagic acid, myrecetin, anthocyanin and isoquercetin.

This super fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber and health benefiting phyto-nutrients.
The high amounts of dietary fiber which is present in this fruit (5gms) prevents sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Instead they should make smart choices by including fruits having low glycemic index and high fiber fruits in their daily diet plan. Eating fiber rich fruits like blueberries can prevent a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Eating fiber rich fruits like pears also slows the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood stream. Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C and numerous powerful antioxidants which are especially beneficial, as they help to prevent heart diseases among diabetic patients. Additionally, the high fiber content of this fruit can also slow down sudden spike in blood glucose levels. There are numerous fruits which contain specific components which can actually help to stabilize rising blood sugar levels.

Consuming pectin rich fruits like apples can also normalize high blood cholesterol levels (a common side effect of diabetes).
The high fiber content of this fruit can also prevent sudden and uncontrolled rise in blood sugar levels. Medical research has also indicated that papaya extract can delay the progression of Type –II diabetes.
This in turn aids in the higher diffusion of glucose into the cells (thereby decreasing the amount of sugar that is present in the blood stream). Additionally, the anti-inflammatory property of soluble fiber helps diabetics to recover faster from infections.

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