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The diet with higher fruits and vegetables did quite well in reducing blood pressure; though it is worth noting that the combined diet was superior to the fruits and vegetables diet. A study by Joshipura et al (1999) demonstrated that an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables was associated with decreased incidence of ischemic stroke, as can be seen below. So, in sum, I have yet to see a single study that convincingly demonstrates that fruit is not good for you.

There may be an “upper limit” to its benefits, but it seems unlikely that fruit, even if consumed in large quantities, can cause harm.
Notice the highlighted area, which illustrates the relative number of servings of fruit per day in three different diets, a control diet, a high fruits and vegetables diet, and a combination diet.
By this, I am not referring to the specific type of sugar , I am referring to the fact that the sugar in fruit comes with a hefty dose of fiber.

Fiber attenuates the effect of sugar on insulin levels, which is why most fruits have a relatively lowglycemic index.

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