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Learning how to blend up some quick and easy fruit smoothie recipes was my first order of business when I decided to get serious about getting healthy. As far as simple healthy recipes go, nothing beats a homemade fruit smoothie for ease of preparation and general deliciousness! Well, for starters, they're a nifty way to make sure you're ingesting plenty of fresh fruit on a day-to-day basis. Another advantage to incorporating fruit smoothie recipes into your life is that kids LOVE them! Get your kids involved in selecting which fruits are going to be in their smoothie that day. Let me dispell the myth, right here and now, that smoothie recipes require anything more than just plain, ripe, raw fruit. As a smoothie master, nothing drives me more bonkers than walking into a health store or juice bar where fruit smoothies are advertised, and reading the ingredient list, only to realize these supposed health drinks contain completely unnecessary things like soy milk, sorbet, ice cream, rice milk, powders or pasteurized yogurt.
Thanks to them, you will never need to use soy milk, sorbet, ice cream, rice milk or yogurt.
If you're not a banana fan, I have several really delicious fruit smoothie recipes below in my gallery that are completely banana-free.

To make any of my healthy smoothie recipes, you will combine ripe, room-temperature fruit with a small amount of frozen fruit.
The quickest way to prevent your fruit from ever ripening is to put it in the refrigerator. The only fruits that should ever be placed in the refrigerator are berries, or leftovers after you've sliced open melons or pineapple. Here's the thing: using properly ripened fruit, which is so full of flavor, is how you avoid adding unnecessary ingredients like soy milk, sorbet, ice cream, rice milk or yogurt. If you want fruit smoothies with the consistency of whipped air, then I cannot more highly recommend the Vita-mix blender.
Delicious smoothie recipe and juicer recipes perfect for healthy breakfast and fun ways how to make a smoothie. Tip Junkie Style has 1289 yummy recipes as well as and 36 Drink Recipes to make all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. For more free tutorials, craft, holiday, printables and DIY projects sign up for Tip Junkie's email with new How-To projects daily! Choose from hundreds of Bananas strawberries milk yogurts smoothie recipes, which are easy to cook the food.

If you have children, before they head out to school in the morning, whip up one of my fruit smoothie recipes and watch them gulp it down!
Get used to always having a rotation of a few peeled, frozen bananas in your freezer to add to these simple healthy recipes. In fact, fruit should not be combined (ever) with any of these items, as doing so will interfere with digestion and leave you gassy.
Trust me on this: you're going to unlock a world of flavor when you let your fruit ripen to its peak. When you add those things, the smoothie stops being a health drink and becomes instead a desserty treat. Eating healthy means eating at home, and making your own healthy recipes, including fruit smoothie recipes, sauces, dressings, and condiments. I built this website to teach you how to use all my tasty secret recipes so you can become a healthy eating rock star!

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