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If mangos, peaches, kale, lemonade and ginger were physically able to skip through a meadow together holding hands, this would be the result.
This is the future of pretzeldom: a big, puffy, sourdough pretzel topped with a more-than-generous sprinkling of parmesan and baked to warm perfection.
Orange Carrot Karma: Most tasters, including myself and Susi, were underwhelmed by this blend of carrots, orange juice, and bananas, which had little carrot flavor and an oddly chalky texture.
Apple 'n Greens: I definitely witnessed dark, leafy greens being whirred into this combination of carrots, spinach, green bell peppers, and kale, but oddly enough, the bitter leaves didn't have a strong flavor.
Vegetable haters will rejoice, as the smoothies were easy to drink and tasted rather innocuous. We’ve known for some time that smoothies are a go-to choice for people that want a meal replacement or a cool, soothing snack on the go. Vegetable based smoothies are nothing new; Trader Joe’s, Naked, and others have provided green smoothies for some time now. The result is a colorful addition to their line up of frosty drinks that adds additional vitamins, minerals, and all that “good for you” veggie stuff.

The orange and citrus flavors take the lead in this brightly colored blend with faint carrot and banana flavors following behind. Just a few shades shy of pea soup in color, I’d call this one “slime” and dare the kids to eat it. This was my favorite of the three with its strong flavors and vivid red color with flecks of black and purple. You can find a complete list of ingredients and nutritional info on the Jamba Juice website.
Along with the vitamins and minerals you’re taking in, consider the cash you’re putting out. Bottom line: Fruit and veggies smoothies might be a good choice if you want something cool and refreshing while you’re getting your veggies in, or you want to “surprise” the kids with a treat they will like and you will be comfortable giving them. With two servings of fruit and one serving of veggies in every blended-to-order smoothie, you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge to break into song yourself. Add in some mixed berry juice, strawberries, blueberries and mangos and you’ve just helped usher in a new era for the beet as the tastiest vegetable in the world.

It just rolled out probiotic smoothies and has been testing custom-blendable frozen yogurt, a new menu item that the company plans to expand over the course of the year.
All contain three servings of fruits and vegetables in every drink serving and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup.
A blend of apple and strawberry juices, kale, peaches, mangos and bananas will make you see the light. And beginning today, stores across the country will offer smoothies blended from both fruit and vegetables.

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