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Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However, it is important to note that fruit is a┬ásimple sugar and thereby digests and burns off quicker than its partner, complex carbohydrates. Schedule a Complimentary Fitness Assessment with me to release and stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscle areas, and feel good. If you're looking to cut back on your favorite sweets and want to be a little bit more health conscious when it comes to the foods you eat, then this 'Fruit for Health' infographic outlines all the different health benefits you'll receive when opting to eat these various types of fruits. While people are often aware that fruits and vegetables are a better option compared to carbohydrates or fried foods, breaking down the statistics and numerical benefits of eating each fruit is a fantastic way for people to visually see why eating healthy can be simple. May 16, 2013 Leave a Comment Dragon fruit – the new super fruit, is also known as Pitaya. The red skin of the dragon fruit is not all red but mostly pinkish-red in color; the scales are in tones of green and sometimes yellow too. Rich in Vitamins and MineralsDragon fruit is said to be rich in Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2 and B3.
Rich in Fiber and ProteinThe flesh of the dragon fruit is rich in fiber which benefits those suffering from constipation.

Good for DiabetesDragon fruit is said to have the ability to lower blood glucose levels, thereby making it a healthy fruit for people with diabetes. Contains Healthy FatsThe tiny black seeds of the dragon fruit are a rich source of Omega-3 fats and mono-unsaturated fats, both of which are healthy fats that do not increase the cholesterol levels in the body. Boosts Immune SystemAs this super fruit is rich in Vitamin C, it helps a great deal in boosting the immune system and protecting the body from harmful infections. Protects the HeartDragon fruits are rich in flavonoids that have been linked to having a favorable effect in protecting the heart from cardio related diseases.
Helps in DigestionHaving rich fiber content, eating a dragon fruit will help in digestion as fiber rich foods are known to aid in digestion and relieve constipation. In addition, it can help clear the colon of toxic elements and thus, reduce the risk of colon cancer. Moreover, it is believed that eating this fruit helps increase the appetite, making it a healthy choice for those suffering from a loss of appetite due to an illness or some other reason. Good for the SkinWith nearly 90% water content, the dragon fruit is rich in moisture, and moisture is good for the skin.
Including this fruit in the daily diet shall help gain maximum benefit from this super fruit, along with ensuring an overall state of good health.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or share it with your friends using the Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest buttons given here. Showing such stats as how rasberries can help prevent cervical and colon cancer, and how apples can help lower the chances of diabetes, this 'Fruit for Health' chart is a great way for health conscious individuals to see exactly how these fruits serve to create a better lifestyle.
Because of the growing nature of its popularity it is being widely harvested in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines and even Bangladesh. The yellow Pitaya is said to be a good source of calcium which strengthens teeth and bones naturally, while the red skinned ones have significant amounts of phosphorous which is also essentially needed by the body to function properly. It has a large variety of antioxidant substances which help the body fight free radicals that may damage the cells and DNA, thus acting as deterrents to many diseases, including cancer.
The dragon fruit hence, provides for ample moisture in the diet which, in turn, helps maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Eating this fruit on a regular basis is said to be beneficial in fighting against asthma and cough.

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