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However, over the last several years, sales of frozen vegetables and frozen meals have remained relatively flat. The campaign was born from a groundbreaking study from the University of Georgia, commissioned by the Frozen Food Foundation in 2013, which compared the nutrient content of eight commonly purchased frozen and fresh-stored fruits and vegetables – blueberries, strawberries, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, green peas and spinach. The results: frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritionally equal to – and in many cases superior to – their fresh counterparts.
Consumers site affordability, quick and easy preparation, ease of storage, portion-control and reduced waste as key reasons they purchase frozen fruits and vegetables, according to research from the Produce for Better Health Foundation.
Green Giant and Cascadian Farm pride themselves on their seed-to-farm-to-freezer process, which ensures their products are harvested at the peak of freshness and frozen shortly after to lock in important vitamins and nutrients. Other General Mills frozen products like Old El Paso’s frozen entrees include real white meat chicken or steak, vegetables and more for an authentic Mexican meal packed with important vitamins and nutrients with very little prep.
Posted in Gluten Free, Recipes, Veggies and tagged fruit, quinoa, vegan, vegetarian on October 29, 2014 by Anne-Marie Nichols. Frozen and canned vegetables may contain fewer nutrients than fresh versions, but still have nutritional value.

Many people I know would feel guilty preparing a green bean casserole with frozen beans or (gasp) using frozen corn for grandma's corn pudding recipe. Frozen fruits and vegetables may have higher levels of vitamins A and C, and folate, compared with their fresh counterparts that have been stored for five days, according to a 2013 University of Georgia study. This study supports the findings of a 1998 Food Chemistry study, which found that the vitamin C content of frozen peas and broccoli was similar to the typical fresh versions you might find at your local grocer. In the question of how canned veggies compare with frozen, researchers have found that frozen peas may have substantially higher antioxidant activity than their canned or jarred counterparts, according to a 2002 study in the journal Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies.
It's true that canning often lowers the content of water-soluble nutrients, and those that are broken down at high temperatures, but more research must be done to determine whether there are other nutritional benefits of eating canned vegetables, according to a 2007 review in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. How Fresh Stays Fresh.,” which represents the first time food makers have banded together in the effort overcome misperceptions of frozen food.
So according to the research, frozen fruits and vegetables are a suitable alternative, and in some cases may even be more nutritious than fresh. Vegetables are necessary for a healthy diet and each vegetable has its own benefits and its own unique taste.

Canned vegetables are a convenience, but may lack the antioxidants found in fresh or frozen versions. Using fresh veggies is always better but you can’t store them for a long time that is why frozen vegetables are always good to have. I always use fresh garlic just because it has a richer taste and it possesses all of the listed above health benefits. That’s because frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and frozen at their peak ripeness, locking in the nutrient value at the point of freezing. I keep frozen fruit on hand so my kids can make smoothies for breakfast or for afterschool snacks.

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