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Every Friday afternoon we send out an email to our Members, which links to our new price list (which works as an order form). Here you can see an extract from our Organic Fresh Produce price list, and as you can see, the more you buy the cheaper it is. Our Home Delivered Organic Fresh Produce is only available in Bulk for Members throughout Melbourne and parts of Victoria.

The produce came to us within hours of leaving the farmers, so the freshness was always fantastic. The available produce changes sometimes from week to week, and the produce is removed from the list when it goes out of season. For example, rather than selling cold-store apples, we prefer to sell only those which are fresh from the farm, so apples will soon disappear from ournprice list until the new season.

We bought an upright freezer for example because it was much cheaper for us to buy 5kg of broccoli and make up a whole lot of soup for the freezer, rather than just buying 1kg at a time.

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