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Packaging of fresh fruits & vegetables Introduction Fruits and vegetables are consumed in fresh, minimally processed, and processed forms (canned, frozen, dried, preserves, and fermented products).
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Proper packaging can protect fresh produce from the environment, such as sunshine, moisture, and light. The container must be strong enough to withstand stacking and impact of loading and unloading, without bruising or scarring the produce.
But fruits and vegetables are respiring products where the interaction of the packaging material with the product is important.
Ethylene (C2H4) is a natural plant hormone and plays a central role in the in intiation of ripening, and is physiologically active in trace amounts (0.1 ppm).

However green vegetables, in the presence of sufficient light, could consume substantial amounts of CO2 and produce O2 through photosynthesis. Gases used in modified atmosphere packaging The three main gases used in modified atmosphere packaging are CO2, O2 and N2. Commercial application has been limited because of its toxicity and the formation of potentially explosive mixtures with air. 5- Noble gases The noble gases are a family of elements characterized by their lack of reactivity and include (He), ( Ar ) , ( Xe ) and ( Ne ).
MAP applications 1- Vegetables An important fact when dealing with vegetables is that they are still ‘‘living’’ structures and continue to respire as long as there are nutrients and gases available. 2- Fruit One of the major benefits of MAP is the prevention or retardation of fruit ripening and associated biochemical and physiological changes. Temperature is the most effective environmental factor in the prevention of fruit ripening. The use of MAP as a supplement to proper temperature maintenance in the effort to delay ripening is consequentially more effective for chilling sensitive fruits, but is generally beneficial for all fruits.
The recommended percentage of O2 in a modified atmosphere for fruits and vegetables for both safety and quality falls between 1 and 5%, although the oxygen level will realistically reach levels below 1% in MAP produce. 3- These physiological changes may be accompanied by flavor loss, cut surface discoloration, color loss, decay, increased rate of vitamin loss, rapid softening, shrinkage and a shorter storage life.

4- proper temperature management during product preparation and refrigeration throughout distribution and marketing is essential for maintenance of quality. 5-To provide packaging films with a wide range of physical properties, many of these individual films are combined through processes like lamination and co-extrusion.
6-Polyethylene is most commonly used to provide a hermetic seal and also as a medium of control for characteristics like anti-fogging Abilities .
7- The degree to which atmospheric modification takes place in packages is dependent upon several variables such as film permeability to O2 and CO2, product respiration and the influence of temperature on both of these processes . Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can be interpreted as a dynamic system with two gas fluxes, the respiration rate of the fresh product and the gas exchange through the barrier 9. Successful control of both product respiration and ethylene production and perception by MAP can result in a fruit or vegetable product of high organoleptic quality Maintaining proper storage temperatures is often most difficult at retail level. 11-It was clear that temperature fluctuation, even if it should occur only once, can seriously compromise the benefits of modified atmosphere packaging and safety of the packaged produce. Comparative evaluation of the effect of storage temperature fluctuation on modified atmosphere packages of selected fruit and vegetables.

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