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We’ve talked about how leaning on exercise alone for weight loss is probably a bad use of your time, and an increasing amount of research seems to support this notion.
Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise programs of 6-12 months induce a modest reduction in weight and waist circumference in overweight and obese populations. One hypothesis is that exercise leads to hunger, which leads to overeating, which negates the caloric deficit created in the first place.
In theory, exercise should lead to more calories burned, less hunger, and more weight lost. A 2010 study by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness was similar in that subjects asked to exercise and taken to a buffet, but afterwards the researchers asked them to eat the equivalent number of calories they had burned. In another study, researchers asked the subjects to exercise and then go about their merry and keep a food journal afterwards.
For many, the mere act of measuring the calories from exercise makes the weight loss benefits disappear. The problem here is that people tend to simultaneously overestimate calories burned from exercise while underestimating calories consumed. Conversely, frequent exercisers who claim that the scale never moves tend to obsess over calories.

As Dr Briffa suggests, think about aerobic exercise as something you do for health or fun, not for the calories burned. If you are exercising for the explicit purposes of weight loss, consider prioritising strength training, as it will yield a much higher return on investment of time for your efforts. Nothing fancy going on in this clean, light-filled studio -- oh, except for all that equipment and that huge DIYed desk. Microsoft may have lagged behind when it came to making Internet Explorer a competitive option compared to Chrome and Firefox, but with Edge it's catching up -- fast.
Our results show that isolated aerobic exercise is not an effective weight loss therapy in these patients.
While they have similarities to the previous studies, there is one factor that makes all the difference: the subjects were made to think about exercise and food in the form of calories.
Accurately calculating calories in versus calories out is a difficult skill to learn and estimating these numbers may persuade you to make food choices you wouldn’t have made otherwise. They simply picked up a new sport or activity and started losing weight, almost by accident.
They separated participants into various exercise groups and a control (non-exercising) group, then took them all to a buffet afterwards.

Estimating caloric output from exercise, however, may be the start of a bad mentality: thinking about food as a reward for calories burned. The second that exercise becomes a number on your daily calorie ledger, it’s lost its meaning. They all found that not only did exercise fail to increase hunger…it helped curb hunger in certain cases.
However, when participants’ final weights were measured, there was no evidence of weight loss. If people think they will still lose weight if they have a 1000kJ doughnut after a 500kJ run, they're idiots.

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