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Usually the hair fall makes a lady’s hair thin, but for men it creates baldness which spoils the beauty of men.
Someone will not take care of the hair initially and when it falls they will feel badly for that.Feeling badly, developing tension may be a reason for hair fall. The food which contains more vitamins can be eaten for hair growth and healthy.Vitamin A is important for hair growth and strength. So that we are using hair conditioners after hair wash.Vitamin B 12 and vitamin B5 helps in the growth of the air and stops hair fall, also avoids grey hair.

These vitamins are available in milk products, grains, meat and egg.Vitamin C and D are also doing the same work. If we have these foods the hair will absorb the iron and other vitamins and the hair will grow healthy and long.
The oil glands in the scalp will function properly by having vitamin C, and provides the necessary oil to hair.Vitamin E is very essential for induce hair growth.
The food which contains vitamin E helps in regularizing the blood circulation, synthesize new cells and makes the hair grow.

So meat, egg, milk products, vegetables, fruits,  greens, other pulses, cereals  all are to be eaten in daily diet for saying good bye to hair problems.

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